industrial sustainability

Contemporary Opportunities For Industrial Sustainability

Industrial Sustainability – Reality or Myth? As environmental awareness grows, industrial trends must follow to support values held by consumers. A 2018 survey discovered that 81% of consumers strongly believe that companies have a responsibility toward the environment. The longstanding association between industrial practices with high energy, water, and pollution intensity has shifted to incorporate innovative and green solutions. Many brands are marketing wastewater reuse, energy efficiency, and lifecycle assessment…

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online reviews vs customer surveys

Online Reviews VS Customer Surveys (The Ultimate Guide 2021)

If your company is not quite reaching sales targets, it may be time to ask your customers how they feel. Customer sentiment plays an essential role in determining the future of your brand. Feedback can provide essential information that can help your company improve products and services. Both reviews and surveys are essential resources for every business, and it is important for companies to ensure design the best online review systems in place.

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