Unmasking Consumer Insights in Women’s Halloween Footwear for Product Innovators
Unmasking Consumer Insights in Women’s Halloween Footwear for Product Innovators

Unmasking Consumer Insights in Women’s Halloween Footwear for Product Innovators

Florence Broder

Oct 2, 2023 ‧ 5 MIN.

Halloween is right around the corner and that means consumers are preparing their oh-so-spooky costumes. We delved into our consumer insights to identify key trends around the much anticipated holiday. 

We initially thought that consumers would mention Halloween more in the cosmetics and hair care category. We were never so wrong! The category with the most Halloween mentions in consumer reviews is…Women’s Footwear! The shoe is the piece de resistance for a range of costumes. Picture high-heeled boots, Mary Janes, and combat boots which can compliment witch costumes, military costumes, Wednesday Addams and more!

Top Footwear Themes

When we dive into the consumer footwear reviews to better understand their behavior and sentiment.  We pulled  some interesting themes from the consumer reviews which touch an array of topics like versatility, comfort, and design. 

1. Costume-Ready Creations:

Embrace the idea of footwear designed for Halloween costumes and special occasions. These shoes may not be the most durable or comfortable for everyday wear, but they are perfect for completing your Halloween look. Think of them as accessories that add a playful touch to your costume. Just have a look at this sneaker featured on Walmart, inspired by the film The Night Before Christmas.

“I always liked unique, super fun designs and these Ground Up The night before Christmas themed casual sneakers are all of that in one. Material is faux leather, they look well made and the graphics are awesome- one side is printed like Sally’s dress the other one is patterned like Jack’s outfit. They are comfortable and sizing is roomy, definitely not a tight fit. Both shoes have lucky charms in shape of a spider and they look cool. This will be a great accessory not just for Halloween but for all season. Recommend to all The Burtons The night before Christmas fun loving fans!”

The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Sneakers

2. Quirky and Comfy:

Discover footwear options that are surprisingly comfortable despite their initial purchase intended for Halloween. These shoes offer a good balance of style and comfort, making them suitable for both costume events and everyday wear. They might not be top-quality, but they serve their purpose well. Here’s an example of multipurpose animal slippers that complete many costumes, but are still comfortable enough to be used at home!

“My friend and I wore these slippers for a Halloween crocodile costume. They were very comfortable”

Crocodile slippers

3. Costume-Enhancing Boots:

Explore a range of boots that can elevate your Halloween costume game. While they may not be the most long-lasting or supportive, they are ideal for adding a fun and thematic element to your costume. Whether it’s pirate boots, Gothic lace-ups, or over-the-knee styles, these boots can make your costume stand out. 

“I love these boots! Just got my second pair because I wore my first ones so many times. I bought them last year for Halloween for my Wednesday Addams costume and I ended up wearing them a million times. Very comfy and stylish! They run big, put one size down”

Boots like Wednesday

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4. Casual Halloween Chic:

Find footwear that can transition from Halloween costume parties to everyday outings. These shoes may not offer the best arch support or durability, but they provide a trendy and affordable option for those who want to incorporate a touch of Halloween into their daily wardrobe.

“I bought these for a Halloween costume, but found myself wearing them almost daily since then. I’m very surprised that they have even lasted this long, with only a few dings on the front. (I’m notoriously rough on my shoes) Every single time that I wear these shoes out somebody tells me how much they love them. They are slightly uncomfortable, but some foam insoles took care of that issue for me. They fit as they were supposed to, with maybe just a little extra wiggle room. i will be buying these shoes in other colors for sure, and when my white pair finally bites the dust I’ll be replacing them immediately.”

Cowboy boots

5. Funky and Flashy Sneakers:

Explore sneakers that offer unique lighting effects and playful designs, making them perfect for dance parties, Halloween events, and other festive occasions. These sneakers may not be built for everyday use, but they add a pop of excitement to your footwear collection.

These themes reflect the consumer feedback, highlighting the dual nature of these shoes as both costume accessories and occasional fashion statements.

“These are pretty cool sneakers. I’m very impressed. They change a bunch of different colors. They have about five different effects with the lighting. I highly recommend purchasing these the quality is not super strong. It is very thin. It’s a very light weight. I wouldn’t use it as an every day sneakers Just for cool tick-tock dances or walking around with a cute little light show but the material is definitely very thin, but these are not regular sneakers. Anyways, this is great for dance parties Halloween raves for these occasions these are phenomena”

Light-up shoes
Key topics driving star ratings

Now that we understand some of the key consumer trends when it comes to Halloween and footwear, let’s have a look at the different topics driving star ratings. 

When we look at the chart below, it’s no content. The comfort topic is by far the most important factor when it comes to shoes providing a 28% lift to 5 star ratings. It’s a topic that drives footwear in general. Consider how important it is when consumers go trick or treating.

The chart also highlights that the biggest driver for 1-2 star rating is Price/Value for Money. That shows that even when consumers are purchasing a shoe for Halloween they still want it to be priced appropriately. It also may indicate that they intend to wear the shoe following the holiday. Again, this goes to the shoes versatility.


To recap, as Halloween approaches, the world of women’s footwear reveals intriguing insights that offer a blend of costume-oriented designs and everyday wearability. This intersectionality emphasizes the consumer’s desire not only for thematic elements but also for comfort, versatility, and value. Footwear brands looking to tap into the Halloween market should consider these key themes to meet consumer needs, blending the playful essence of Halloween with the practicality desired for daily wear. As we move forward, it’s evident that the lines between festive fashion and everyday style continue to blur, challenging product innovators to craft footwear that serves dual purposes while remaining both chic and comfortable. Thanks to the generative AI that powers Revuze, we were easily able to identify the key consumer trends that can influence future product innovation.


Florence Broder