Direct to Customer (D2C)

3 Reasons D2C Is The Future For BIG brands

What is D2C? Direct to consumer marketing (D2C) is a tactic in which a company advertises and sells a product or service directly to consumers, evading the middlemen in order to reduce costs for the consumers and gain a better ROI for the company itself. Why is D2C important? It’s all about evolution and survival of the fittest.  eCommerce marketplaces are the first wave of digital commerce. They took a…

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eCommerce Strategy: The Definitive & Awesome Guide (2020)

eCommerce Strategy: The Definitive Guide A robust eCommerce strategy required for businesses that sell online. Especially nowadays, with the novel COVID-19 forcing many companies to go online. Even without the COVID-19 effect, eCommerce is a growing trend.  More than 10 years ago, eCommerce was at 5.1% of total retail purchases. eCommerce now accounts for 16%, and the numbers keep growing. Another fact – eCommerce order volume has increased by almost…

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Amazon Vs Walmart Vs Best buy Vs Target – Reviews Report (2020)

Amazon Vs Walmart Vs Best buy Vs Target The biggest eCommerce in the US are facing interesting times due to the novel COVID-19. Make no mistake, even in quiet times, there is a constant battle between Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy & Target for customer affection and money. The new reality force those players to change their strategy & tactics. Governments all over the world have instructed their citizens to work…

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Crowd Wisdom

Crowd Wisdom: Reasons for Brands to Listen to Their Customers to survive Covid-19

Crowd Wisdom in eCommerce It’s not a secret that the world had changed since Covid-19. If we try to sum it all up, 3 key changes are leading to a big shift in consumer tastes and behaviors (aka crowd wisdom) Consumers are mostly at home They have financial concerns There are no social events Crowd wisdom is the sum of all data that is collected through call centers, reviews, feedbacks…

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The 3 things brands must consider during Corona crisis

3 Things Brands Must Consider During Corona crisis

A lot has been said already about the coronavirus and the global crisis. Everyone seems to be in agreement though that the crisis represents a major shift in consumer behaviors. With the limitations on mobility and social distancing, we, consumers, are spending less on things that we used to spend more time on like movies or restaurants, and are spending more on things we spent less on like groceries or…

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Coffee makers Industry Report:

Coffee makers Industry Report: 2019 Retrospective Amazing Insights!

Coffee Makers Industry Report In Numbers Revuze has analyzed the coffee makers industry to share with you all the the relevant information we found and that will help you position yourself ahead of your competitors in the following coffee makers industry report. The average American drinks between 2-3 cups of coffee each day. While some people get their daily caffeine dose in a coffee shop, many prefer having their cup-a-joe…

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The US Facial Care Industry Market Research Report

US Facial Care Industry Market Research Report 2019

US Facial Care Industry Market Research The US Facial Care industry market research is about a multi-billion global industry, delivering consumers with cosmetic products designed for the care and protection of their skin. In the United States alone, the skincare market is estimated at around 13 billion dollars in sales 2019. There are hundreds of brands selling a variety of products – from night cream and sunscreen all the way…

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focus group word cloud

What Are Focus Groups And How To Apply Them For Better Successful Market Research (updated 2021)

Knowing exactly what your customers think, want, like, and dislike is every business’ dream. So, why not just ask them? First introduced in the 1940’ by Columbia University researchers, Focus Groups allow you to do just that.  But how exactly do they work? How can you use them for market research?  This blog post will provide all the answers. What is a Focus Group? A focus group is a qualitative…

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