On-demand Access to Millions of Consumer Insights

Our AI-powered solution enables companies across all industries, from electronics to personal care, home appliances to consumer packaged goods, monitor ecommerce markets, identify emerging trends, assess products’ strengths and weaknesses, and make sound data supported decisions.

Our Technology

The Revuze automated AI-powered technology analyzes free-text feedbacks without the need for user training, predefinitions of topics, training sets or keywords. The technology offers an unparalleled, objective, and precise product  overview, encompassing over 60 features and service-related aspects. Revuze delivers product insights spanning across 200 diverse industries.



Netanya, Israel


Palo Alto, USA


Montreal, Canada

Revuze’s Journey

Our Story

2011: The story begins

Revuze was first conceived as a platform building automated travel itineraries based on online reviews, by founder Ido Ramati, a serial entrepreneur with extensive business and leadership experience. After developing the platform, Ido and his team members realized the technology was smart enough to be utilized by any consumer experience domain. They then started working on a self-training machine that would understand consumer feedback across any given domain, automatically gathering and structuring data to be leveraged by businesses.


2013: Nielsen Innovate Fund

In 2013, Revuze became one of the first start-up companies to join the Nielsen Innovate Fund. One year later, the company signed its first contract with a Fortune 500 customer. Companies grew excited about this innovative solution that can detect customer sentiment about specific brands and products in real time, saving time, money and market research manpower.

2014-2020: Blossoming

In the following years, Revuze continued to blossom, signing its’ 50th Fortune 500 customer and now covered over 150 categories. In 2020, Revuze completed its Round A funding  of over $5 Million, led by Maverick Ventures Israel.


2021: Can’t stop, won’t stop

Today Revuze continues to expand, servicing over 100 brands globally. Revuze partners with both large and small companies, consultants and marketing agencies, providing insights into how consumers think and behave across all industries.