Revuze was honored to speak at IIeX Atlanta by invitation from Procter & Gamble for their IIEX session. Just now IIEX made all the event presentation available for the wide audience. See . The Revuze presentation is titled “Making Better Decisions Faster, by Turning Every Employee Into an Analyst” and is showing at the 15:00 time slot. As a reminder Revuze is the first automated market research technology, turning unstructured text from eCommerce sites,
The business world today is moving at a much faster pace, and new incumbents are rising quickly, disrupting well established industries with new technologies or new business models. Dollar Shave Club is a great example for a new business model and Uber represents well the new technologies available today and how they can turn around an existing industry. In this kind of an era consumer brands are more concerned than ever with looking at the
Considered to be one of the most innovative consumer insights events in the world, IIEX North America in Atlanta just now catered to over 1,000 consumer insight and market research experts. As speakers and attendants to the event the Revuze team got a good run down of the tracks, vendors and overall vibe and wanted to share the top 3 insights with you all. 1. Market research is evolving VERY slowly With lots of pockets
Consumer insights are not accessible to the wide audience within organizations. You may think they are, but they’re not. What is available in brands is a centralized system that circulates predefined set of insights to different audiences. And because its one system that caters to a wide range of roles, and because its setup by people with limited time, it is set for the lowest common denominator in terms of insights: • Value for money
There’s a huge misconception within consumer brands. There is a belief that consumers care about 5-10 different aspects of a product of a service or a brand. Even if you search online for “top factors consumers consider in a product” you find a long array of “5 factors” or “top factors” or even “top 10 factors” articles. Reality is consumers are much savvier today and typically consider 40-60 different aspects of a product or a