Coffee makers Industry Report:

Coffee makers Industry Report: 2019 Retrospective Amazing Insights!

Coffee Makers Industry Report In Numbers Revuze has analyzed the coffee makers industry to share with you all the the relevant information we found and that will help you position yourself ahead of your competitors in the following coffee makers industry report. The average American drinks between 2-3 cups of coffee each day. While some people get their daily caffeine dose in a coffee shop, many prefer having their cup-a-joe…

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The US Facial Care Industry Market Research Report

US Facial Care Industry Market Research Report 2019

US Facial Care Industry Market Research The US Facial Care industry market research is about a multi-billion global industry, delivering consumers with cosmetic products designed for the care and protection of their skin. In the United States alone, the skincare market is estimated at around 13 billion dollars in sales 2019. There are hundreds of brands selling a variety of products – from night cream and sunscreen all the way…

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focus group word cloud

What are focus groups and how to apply it for a successful market research (updated 2020)

Knowing exactly what your customers think, want, like, and dislike is every business’ dream. So, why not just ask them? First introduced in the 1940’ by Columbia University researchers, Focus Groups allow you to do just that.  But how exactly do they work? How can you use them for market research?  This blog post will provide all the answers. What is a Focus Group? A focus group is a qualitative…

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Revuze consumer analytics start up Series A funding round

Revuze Raises $5 Million Series A

SAN FRANCISCO and NETANYA, Israel, March 25, 2020, We are thrilled to announce a $5.1 million financing round, despite the coronavirus crisis, with this new round the company has raised a total of $12 million. The company’s flagship product Revuze Explorer scans millions of consumer opinions on a daily basis from a range of public and internal information sources and through machine learning, AI semantic analysis of texts, dividing and organizing all the information into the…

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An Update From Revuze – COVID19

Dear customers and partners, I’m writing this to update you on our activities during these challenging times. I’m thinking about you and your families at this time and want to wish everyone good health and offer our support throughout this difficult period. To secure the health of our employees and partners we’ve moved to a remote work-from-home method and are adopting additional productivity tools and virtual meetings. Since our team is…

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The Smart TV Market 2019 Industry Report & 2020 Projections

Smart TV Industry Report & Projections (2019 & 2020)

Smart TV Industry Report Televisions were introduced to the American general public during the late 1940s. Since then, TVs have become a household item and a major part of our cultural and social lives. But alas, all these TV sets could do was broadcast our favorite network series or news channel. Thankfully, Smart TVs came out and changed the game.  Unlike old fashioned TVs, Smart TVs have the built-in capability…

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Headphones Market in 2019 and 2020 Projections -Industry Report

Headphones Market Industry Report: Amazing Insights (2019-2020)

Headphones Market Industry Report First created in 1910, headphones and earphones have become an inseparable part of modern life. This pair of small speakers worn over or inside the user’s ears enables us  to listen to music or sounds, take phone calls, and even connect to gaming systems. The current selection of headphones is so wide and abundant, from old school wired headphones to tiny wireless in-ear earphones. The major…

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Amazon Keyword Research

4 Tips For Better eCommerce Optimization With Revuze’s New Alert Solution

What is eCommerce Optimization? Customer reviews help businesses understand why they are retaining or losing customers, learn what needs to change with their product or service, and get an overall look at their consumer market and competition (also known as eCommerce optimization). Moreover, customer reviews can directly influence potential buyers – and can make or break a brand. Businesses selling their products on Amazon need to keep a close eye…

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