Extract competitive intelligence with Revuze AI

How Revuze Uses AI to Extract Competitive Intelligence?

Competitive Intelligence & Product Intelligence According to research from BCG and Google, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies that adopt Advanced Analytics (AA) and AI technologies at scale can boost revenue by over 10%.  Imagine Nike, and it’s $40B in revenue growing by 10-15%! Competitive Intelligence is part of the AA family that helps brands understand what is going on in their market. The more refined the Intelligence is, the better, and the best…

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Product Launch Step

The Most Overlooked New Product Launch Step – Now More Critical Than Ever

According to a recent Nielsen research, over 80% of new consumer product launches in the fast-moving consumer goods segment fail. According to another Nielsen article, 70% of these launches are by established brands. With so many failures out there, you’d expect that brands would know better by now how to deliver innovation and what would be essential new product launch steps. Established brands are supposed to do well on execution…

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unlimited market research

Revuze Announcing Unlimited Market Research

Announcing Unlimited Market Research While market research becomes more and more important as a way for brands to understand their audiences, especially now, it has 2 traditional, key pain points: Cost Time According to McKinsey, as consumers changed their behaviors and preferences already due to the pandemic, for brands to keep sync with their audiences will require more than monitoring product sales numbers. Brands will have to do extensive consumer-insights…

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