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Dominate Your Home Appliance Category

Whether it’s a dishwasher or a refrigerator, Revuze’s category-level data will ensure that your brand stays top of mind with consumers, and enable you to proactively identify emerging trends and potential threats early on to take action.


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Make a Splash with Your Product Launches

Launching a new appliance is never easy, but Revuze makes it easier with real-time online review analytics. You’ll quickly see what consumers are ranting and raving about. Respond to quality complaints by adapting your product to ensure its success. Be sure to never let your product launch flop again.
Product Launch optimization Product Launch

Keep your finger on the pulse of what your consumers think about your new product launch. Monitor what verified buyers are really thinking and saying in real time.


Optimize Your Online Retail Channels

Know why consumers love you more on Amazon than on Target or Walmart? Where is the sentiment more positive and why? Revuze’s online review analytics empowers you with the data you need to improve your better-performing retail channels.
Content optimization Content Optimization

Use your consumers own words to optimize PDP pages and content. Take advantage of our Term Cloud to identify the terms that matter most to consumers.

Elevate Your Home Appliance Brand & Stand Out!

Dive into consumers' post-purchase data to fully understand what makes your home appliances brand unique. Drill down, in real-time into 70 topics that will pinpoint the qualities that command your consumers' loyalty and those that make them select another brand.
Brand positioning Brand Positioning

Your consumers are talking. Get on their wavelength. Gain a deeper understanding of what your consumers really want, feel, like and dislike. Quickly refine your messaging, positioning, and value adds in response to feedback and insightful reviews from your customers.


Start Reaping Value

Get the solid ground truth about your verified buyers with category insights from online reviews to support strategy and business decision making. Dive in as granular as you wish with category, brand, and SKU insights to help lead your category.

Access Sources Across All Global eCommerce
Cleansed & Organized Insights
Product SKUs Catalog by Category & Hierarchy
Parameters per SKU
“One of the key challenges is real-time feedback and being able to continuously get that feedback loop within an adequate amount of time.”
Senior Marketing Manager @Char-Broil

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