The balance of power in relationships between brands and consumers has completely shifted. Long product development cycles and powerful mass-market advertising used to give brands all the power. Now, just about any product or feature can become a commodity, giving consumers the power to choose an abundance of options. To meet (and exceed) consumer demands, you need deeper insights into their desires. And while you have access to more customer data than ever before, getting
With the Revuze automated analysis of consumer opinions, anyone can turn any textual opinion data into actionable business intelligence. We leveraged our own technology to provide you with insights on the fabric care industry, analyzing online opinion data from several eCommerce sources.   Market overview and research scope According to a recent analysis, the fabric care market (laundry and related products) size is $90.65B and is expected to grow to $152B by 2027. The data
We’ve written a lot about consumer insights in 2018.  This is our attempt at picking the top 4 insights to help make a big positive impact in this area for your business in 2019, Our unique perspective on consumer insights, delivering a revolutionary technology for this space, makes us look at understanding consumers from a different angle. While we recognize that deep understanding of consumers is a difficult task, our technology finally allows anyone in
Understanding customers is a difficult task. It typically involves experts, either from in-house or outsourced, making this a lengthy and expensive proposition, not to mention that in most cases the result is just a partial understanding. Additionally, Customers’ opinions can change quickly. There’s always a reason for change. Just to name a few reasons: Seasonality Market disruptors Change in tastes Competition When you connect the dots, you easily see that slow and shallow is not
Most businesses either sell to other businesses (B2B = Business to Business) or to consumers (B2C = Business to Consumer). Business software vendors, office equipment vendors and commercial banks are examples of B2B companies. CPG, restaurants and retail stores are examples of B2C companies. When you are working with B2Bs, your focus is on understanding, marketing to, selling to and servicing your clients. You want to be the expert on your target market. Alternatively, when