Product Insights

How To Use Product Insights To Inform Product Strategy

When it comes to improving your products and developing the strategy by which you intend to market them, nothing is more important than knowing what works and what doesn’t. In business, very few stakeholders will want to take a step forward unless there is a decent chance of return on investment. Unfortunately, we live in a world where changing expectations and shifting culture means that it isn’t always clear cut…

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How To Generate a Customer Satisfaction Analysis Report

When your customers are not satisfied with the services you provide, they tend to look elsewhere for their next set of purchases. In the age of eCommerce, where alternative providers are easy to find, over 80% of customers are ready to switch companies after merely a single bad experience. This is very bad news if you want to stay in business, since it’s generally much much easier and cheaper to…

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Sleep featured

The Best Sleep Headphones on the Market, According to AI Insights

What Are Sleep Headphones? Sleep headphones are headphones designed to be used while sleeping and while you’re trying to fall asleep. Living in busy urban areas which have noise late into the night causes difficulty sleeping, leading to insomnia, depression and other major health issues. How do sleep headphones work? Well, they supposedly block out external noise to give you peace, while having the option to play something to listen…

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What is Product Category Analysis?

Product category analysis is a catch-all term, referring to any analysis of product categories that you carry out in order to understand what drives purchases. Starting with an overview of product categories, you parse through the data in order to glean more insight using techniques such as product development analysis and operations analysis, alongside competitor analysis and customer experience analysis.   Product category analysis isn’t a simple thing that just…

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What is swot

SWOT Analysis of a Product and What Can You Use It For?

Knowing how to build a SWOT Analysis for a product is a necessary skill for product managers and marketers. In this article, we’ll dive into what a SWOT Analysis is, how you can use it to your advantage as you improve and market your product, and how artificial intelligence (AI) can generate an automated analysis. What is a SWOT Analysis? A SWOT Analysis gives you a “full picture” of your…

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Customer Feedback

How To Ask for and Get Customer Feedback

Customer feedback typically comes in the form of a review, or any other type of comment offered by customers on the level of satisfaction they experienced related to a specific product or service. It can be crucial for a business to understand how to improve or adjust the products or services they offer, and to measure the overall customer satisfaction and customer experience. Reviews and opinions offered by customers are…

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Customer Signals that PMs Need to Listen to

Customer Signals that Product Managers Need to Listen to

Utilizing Customer Signals for Success We are in the age of consumer empowerment, with the consumer, and their wants, needs, future desires, aspirations, and other factors all now squarely in the center of any contemporary commercial concern. The older days of looking at the customer as a static data point, hopefully a consistently malleable one unbeholden to such things as quality issues, social reactions, or customer satisfaction scores, and sequestering…

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The CX Salary

The Customer Experience (CX) Salary Guide for 2022

CX Salaries: How Much Does Working in Customer Experience Pay? Customer experience (CX) is a rising field, as it has been exploding over the past few years. With that in mind, you might be wondering about CX salaries. How much does a research analyst make? What would the Head of CX’s salary be? It’s important to know your worth and get the salary you deserve, whether you’re an entry-level market…

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Customer Value Optimization

The Complete Guide to Customer Value Optimization (CVO)

Understanding your clients and their sentiment is the key towards Customer Value Optimization. In this article we will understand a few basics such as – what is customer value, why it is important, and the steps you should take after reading this blog to start optimizing your customer value. What is Customer Value? A click, a purchase, a review, a subscriber – it’s what it’s all about – the customer.…

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Strategies That Help Define a Seamless Customer Experience

5 Strategies That Help Define a Seamless Customer Experience

Customers are the wheel on which your business runs. Therefore, the success of your business lies in the quality of your customers’ experience. Customer experience is the result of your customers’ comprehensive journey with your brand, including the process of researching, purchasing, and using a product or service. A seamless customer experience can generate brand loyalty. This fact is not lost on businesses, especially now that the marketing landscape has…

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