Customer Value Optimization

The Complete Guide to Customer Value Optimization (CVO)

Understanding your clients and their sentiment is the key towards Customer Value Optimization. In this article we will understand a few basics such as – what is customer value, why it is important, and the steps you should take after reading this blog to start optimizing your customer value. What is Customer Value? A click, a purchase, a review, a subscriber – it’s what it’s all about – the customer.…

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Strategies That Help Define a Seamless Customer Experience

5 Strategies That Help Define a Seamless Customer Experience

Customers are the wheel on which your business runs. Therefore, the success of your business lies in the quality of your customers’ experience. Customer experience is the result of your customers’ comprehensive journey with your brand, including the process of researching, purchasing, and using a product or service. A seamless customer experience can generate brand loyalty. This fact is not lost on businesses, especially now that the marketing landscape has…

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Revuze AirPods Max Blog Post

Why the AirPods Max Is Not the It Gift for the 2021 Holidays

Apple released its AirPods Max on December 15, 2020, just in time for last-minute Christmas shoppers. The product didn’t go unnoticed, being Apple’s highest-end option in the AirPods line-up: it debuted on the market with a whopping $549.00 price tag and raised eyebrows for its peculiar design. (If you are not familiar with the product’s Smart Case, take a look here.) Now, one year later, it’s interesting to see where…

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Big Data

How Big Data Is Changing Retail Marketing Analytics

When it comes to marketing, you can’t talk about it at any length without inevitably involving data. Data is the scientific key to marketing, allowing for verifiable and testable ways of creating great branding and marketing strategies. You can do market research to try and understand the retail consumer all you like,  but without involving data you’ll only have a rudimentary, qualitative view of the picture — not the best…

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Customer Empathy

Customer Empathy: The Ultimate Guide

Why Customer Empathy Is Important in Customer Service Customer empathy is more than simply doing what your customers want. It’s the process of understanding your customer base, what they want and need from you and how you can best provide it. Empathy in customer experience has been rated one of the top concerns of consumers, with the need to feel valued by brands growing more and more in recent years.…

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Fragrances report image

Gender-Neutral Fragrances Are Gaining Traction

With the ongoing conversations on gender identity and the dismantling of the social constructs of what is seen as “masculine” and “feminine,” it is not surprising that such discussions have reached the fragrance industry, as well. In many markets — most notably, the toys industry — there already is a push for gender-neutral products, a change that also affects product branding and marketing. At Revuze, we use AI to collect…

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Revuze Chips Shortage Blog

How the Computer Chip Shortage Is Affecting Consumer Opinions

The global chip shortage, one of the most consequential shortages of the ongoing supply chain crsis, has caused major disruptions and delays in the production of electronics, cars, and many other consumer products. The shortage in chips has seen demand and prices spike. Because the two largest producers of computer chips are foreign countries — Taiwan and South Korea — minor U.S. manufacturers are seeing demand spike run up to…

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Blog post

Who Knew? Poop Makes for a Great Gift

This holiday season, if you are looking for funny gift ideas, look no further. Revuze data shows that food products with toilet-related marketing are popular gift choices. Children love toilet humor: it’s relatable, it’s provocative, and it easily upsets adults. But are we so sure adults don’t find poop jokes hilarious, too? Maybe they wouldn’t laugh out loud, especially when in company; but one should not underestimate the power of…

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How To Address Negative Reviews

How To Address Negative Reviews

The marketing landscape has undergone tremendous changes, as now customers have several ways to express their feelings and pain points whenever they have a negative experience with a product or service. Online reviews are one of the most common ways for consumers to express their disappointment, and therefore it’s no surprise if you notice you’re getting negative reviews on your product. Reviews typically come in the form of unstructured data…

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Customer Feedback Analysis

7 Ways To Improve Customer Feedback Analysis

Information is power, so you’ll have a huge competitive advantage if you know how to interpret feedback from customers and use the analyzed tips that can be generated from it. Customer feedback analysis is a powerful tool that helps you take feedback from your audience and turn it into something useful, a clear target for improvements that you can make and complaints that have been made. Remember, while not all…

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7 Retail Marketing Strategies for Product Growth

The world’s population is still reeling from the effects of the COVID-10 pandemic, and so many businesses have had to quickly transition online because of store closures and lockdowns. Given the circumstances, this is the right time to discuss what you can do to make sure your business can thrive, even at this challenging time. Whether you are planning to launch a new product or you just want to expand…

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