Getting inside the heads of your customers can make all the difference in your business. And over the last few weeks, we’ve discussed several ways you can collect consumer insights—surveys, focus groups, and working with a consultant. But you don’t always have to look outward to gain consumer insights. So much of the data you have on hand—in product reviews, social media conversations, call center transcripts, and more—can be mined for key insights. You just
There’s no single right way to get into the heads of your customers. As a consumer insights pro, you have an entire toolbox of options when it comes time to get answers to your most pressing business questions. Sometimes the situation will call for surveys. Other times, the problem will be complicated enough to warrant hiring a consultant for market research services. Here, we want to talk about how valuable focus groups can be for
Getting in the heads of your customers (or consumers in general) can save you a lot of time and money in product development and marketing. But actually generating insights to find answers to your most pressing questions can be a challenge. Every consumer insights specialist is familiar with the tried-and-true techniques—surveys, focus groups, and social media monitoring. However, there comes a time when these techniques aren’t getting the job done and you need to seek
The balance of power in relationships between brands and consumers has completely shifted. Long product development cycles and powerful mass-market advertising used to give brands all the power. Now, just about any product or feature can become a commodity, giving consumers the power to choose an abundance of options. To meet (and exceed) consumer demands, you need deeper insights into their desires. And while you have access to more customer data than ever before, getting
With the Revuze automated analysis of consumer opinions, anyone can turn any textual opinion data into actionable business intelligence. We leveraged our own technology to provide you with insights on the fabric care industry, analyzing online opinion data from several eCommerce sources.   Market overview and research scope According to a recent analysis, the fabric care market (laundry and related products) size is $90.65B and is expected to grow to $152B by 2027. The data