Explorer API

Generate custom insights and reports
to make your business strategy
customer-centric and forward-looking.


What Revuze’s API does:

Revuze Explorer API allows you to extract consumer sentiment, discussion topics, and star ratings on any brand or product from millions of customer reviews.

The API provides you with total customization freedom for technical and business users alike, connecting this critical data stream with your corporate business intelligence.

Real consumers. Real insights:

  • Volume of reviews
  • Average sentiment
  • Average star rating
  • Discussion topics
  • Consumer quotes
  • Word cloud

Make your company’s strategies truly
customer-centric. Right now

Stay on top of your industry, monitor your competition, and prepare for your product launch with 24/7 access to product analytics based on millions of customer reviews.

Identify the most popular topics of conversation, getting a detailed view of customer sentiment on any product on the market

Call Revuze’s REST API using any programming language or integrate it into your favorite business intelligence, databases, or data visualization solution.

After a quick kickoff session, get 24/7 access to your brand’s personalized dashboard

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