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The Food & Beverage industry is a highly competitive one with new products and brands emerging all the time. Is it a new energy capitalizing on organic ingredients or a food fad that has taken the world by storm? Arm yourself with Revuze's online review analytics to maintain your edge.

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Taste Your Way to Product Success

Changing a product ingredient can generate a shift in consumer sentiment. With Revuze’s online review analytics, you’ll be able to dive into the opinions from verified buyers. Learn if you missed your mark or achieved victory with a few clicks.
Product Launch optimization Product Launch

Keep your finger on the pulse of what your consumers think about your new product launch. Monitor what verified buyers are really thinking and saying in real time.

SWOT SWOT Analysis

Revuze's AI caculates the sentiment for topics and plots them on a meaningful SWOT chart. Pinpoint existing oppportunities to improve your products and functionality, and ways to start strengthening your brand based on a solid ground of consumer truth.

Wishlist Wishlist

Use consumer feedback to build your product roadmap. With a few clicks of a button, discover the features that consumers want most and least in upcoming product iterations.

Taste Your Way to Product Success
Cook Up New Markets

Cook Up New Markets

Revuze’s generative AI-powered online review analytics gives you unparalleled access to how your consumers are using your product. You may be marketing to consumers for one usage or cuisine but discover that they’re using it in an unexpected way. Create new campaigns to expand your market for alternative uses.
Consumer Trends Consumer Trends

Detect emerging trends in yours and your competitor's space. Have the confidence to make sound business decisions using data of the highest integrity, and built on a solid ground of truth.

Competitive Analysis Competitive Analysis

Stay leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors with granular data - sentiment, topics, SWOT, etc. - all focused around what consumers truly think and say about your competition!

Benchmarking Benchmarking

See how your brand measures up against your competitors. Discover whether your brand is above, within or below the industry benchmark.

Add Some Spice to Your Food & Beverage Brand

This is a highly incentivized industry, sending product samples to consumers. Learn if promotional products are moving the needle of consumer sentiment. Easily isolate incentivized reviews and measure their effectiveness.
Brand positioning Brand Positioning

Your consumers are talking. Get on their wavelength. Gain a deeper understanding of what your consumers really want, feel, like and dislike. Quickly refine your messaging, positioning, and value adds in response to feedback and insightful reviews from your customers.

toggle block item Recommendations

Discover what's hot and what's not. Our Best | Worst dashboard highlights the best, worst, and in between products ranked by sentiment.

Sentiment Sentiment

From brands, products, and topics, our AI calculates the sentiment for all three parameters to empower your with the insights that matter.

Add Some Spice

Start Reaping Value

Get the solid ground truth about your verified buyers with category insights from online reviews to support strategy and business decision making. Dive in as granular as you wish with category, brand, and SKU insights to help lead your category.

Access Sources Across All Global eCommerce
Cleansed & Organized Insights
Product SKUs Catalog by Category & Hierarchy
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