Custom Research Reports

Order a market report tailor-made for your needs. Our data analysts will pull out the relevant insights in days so you can focus on your business and make speedy, quality decisions.

Monthly and Quarterly Tracker

Track online discussions and consumer sentiment for any product, market domain, or topic of conversation and see how it evolves over time and what’s driving the change.

Executive Summary

Discover the brands, products and topics that are driving your category’s sentiment up and down.

Product Analysis: SWOT and Status

Discover what consumers think about your product and identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT), understanding what is driving consumer sentiment and rating score.

Emerging Products Report

Discover new and emerging products in your category and learn what consumers are saying about them; learn how they differ from older and established products.

Competitive Analysis

Compare your brand and products with your competitors and identify your unique edge and value proposition. Select a direct competitor for a “Battle of the Brands.”

Pre/Post-Change Report

Select a product that has undergone a change in formula, feature, or rebranding and compare consumer sentiment pre- and post-change.

Ranking Report

See how your products rank relatively to your competitors based on Revuze’s ranking system, and understand what’s driving their ranking position.

Usage Purpose

Find out how and for which purposes consumers are using products in your category. Identify the use cases that offer new growth opportunities.

Pricing Report

Discover which price segment holds the largest share of consumer discussions and positive sentiment, and see how your products compare. Discover which products dominate consumer sentiment in each price tier and identify “blue ocean” opportunities for product entry or improvement.

Market Exploration

A broader overview of a market segment or product category, guiding you through the do’s and don’ts in your category, showing you the main players and sentiment drivers, and offering a usage purpose deep dive.