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Turn your eCommerce Reviews Into 5 Stars Product Experience

Understand The ‘WHY’ Behind The ‘WHAT’

Instantly gain actionable and competitive insights generated by our industry-leading AI, without the involvement of IT, market experts, or lengthy projects.

The Power Of Revuze’s AI

Understand the voice of your customers for a better strategic direction, connect the dots with qualitative eCommerce opinion insights from multiple sources to succinctly identify the root cause of consumer issues in hours instead of months!

Hierarchies and Category Analysis

Revuze automatically collects data pieces data from multiple sources (i.e. eCommerce reviews, surveys, and UGC data), classifies, cleans, & organizes your product’s data into foundational, proprietary insights that describe consumer needs across the entire category in a granular way.

Topic Detection

Revuze’s machine learning algorithms discover topics in each product category automatically and build a unique taxonomy for each without human interaction.

A Better Way to Get Consumer Insights

Revuze simplifies market research so that anyone can make decisions based on consumer opinion data. Our AI collects and turns unstructured data into market insights about your brand, competitors, products, features, and benchmarks it against the competition.

Faster Time To Insights

Revuze sentiment analysis combines computational linguistics, text analysis, and natural language processing to clarify subjectivity in customer perceptions. We filter customer attitude, recognizing contextual polarity and interpolating judgment, affective state, and intended emotional communication to create easy-to-understand and usable analysis.

Classified, Clean & Granular Data

Revuze automatically collects, categorizes, identifies, and extracts trends and topics from unstructured data – understanding context with exceptionally high precision and delivering truly actionable business insights. Revuze contextual intelligence understands topics and sentiment, regardless of the actual words customers use. With no manual keyword definition.

Easy Onboarding Process

You don’t have to spend time defining keywords, identifying key phrases and hiring expensive analysts.
Revuze’s self-learning analytics engine – powered by a continual collection of customer insights alongside customer satisfaction – determines the sentiment towards any brand with great accuracy all without human interaction!

Typical delivery duration of only 3 to 6 weeks:

1 Hour Kickoff – Review goals Hierarchies & Brands
Our AI gathers the data and analyze it
Delivery – Review the dashboard, Training

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