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Be a Customer Truth-Driven Organization

Transform online customer feedback into actionable business insights with AI. Always make truth-based, data-driven decisions for product, marketing, and digital shelf to quickly gain a clear understanding of your competitive landscape and boost business performance.

Powering insights for truth-driven teams around the world

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It's easy to make good choices when you have
good consumer
insights data!

Companies should be
making winning decisions based on customer
from real buyers

Product reviews and
sentiment analysis provide invaluable insights that can't
be found elsewhere

Brands No Longer Have to Settle for Partial
Consumer Insights and Costly Opinions

Companies often believe they fully understand their Voice of Customer (VOC), but do they really?

Accessing real-time consumer sentiment data is a significant challenge. Traditional methods like surveys and focus groups are slow and costly, and social media data only scratches the surface. These tactics lack scalability, resulting in blind spots and decision-making delays.

voc questisons
Now brands can eliminate data overload and spot consumer insights opportunities in real-time

Data overload can lead to indecision. Our advanced AI technology ensures pristine category insights, removes duplicates, and merges data for a unified taxonomy. Our careful process ensures unparalleled accuracy, offering product insights down to the SKU level and reveling the reasons behind every 1 and 5-star feedback.

A Faster, Scalable and More Insightful
Consumer Analytics Solution

Empower your decision-making process with a powerful BI
consumer insights engine straight from the source.
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“Since we partnered with Revuze, so many people in our organization now get true consumer insights when we do new product development. It really impacts so much of what so many teams do, whether it’s product, market research, or consumer insights … Now everyone understands that they have a piece of it.”

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Truth-Driven Consumer Insights to
Support Any Go To Market Strategy

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Use Cases
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Marketing Claims
  • SWOT Analysis for Brand and Product Groups
  • Sentiment Analysis & Consumer’s Lingo
  • Trend Analysis (rising stars, topics)
  • Optimize Messaging & Campaigns
  • Purchase Motivators
  • Brand Positioning
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Use Cases
  • Consumers’ Product Wishlist
  • SWOT Analysis for any SKU
  • Star Rating Drivers
  • Product Competitive Intelligence
  • Trend Analysis (features, materials, ingredients)
  • Pre/Post Product analysis
  • Identify Product Defects
  • Product Innovation
See Product/Innovation use Cases
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Use Cases
  • Satisfaction Benchmarks Per Brand, SKU
  • Category-, brand-, group-, SKU-level analysis
  • Topics Sentiment Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Topics Share of Discussion Analysis
  • Market Overview Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • 4Ws Analysis
See CI/MR Use Cases
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Use Cases
  • Enriched Search Experience
  • Personalized Post Review Promotions
  • Product Assortment
  • Product Sentiment Analysis
  • Advertising Optimization
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Increase in Customer Lifetime Value
  • Better inventory management
  • Enhanced ad performance
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Three Steps to Achieving World-Class,
Truth-Driven Consumer Insights Data

Step 1
Access 350+ Sources of Data

Unlock a wealth of information from over 350 sources, providing you with a holistic view of consumer sentiment and market trends. Uncover nuanced insights at both category and SKU levels for unparalleled understanding.

Step 2
Gain Competitive Overview and Benchmarking

Compare your brand’s performance to competitors and gain valuable insights to stay ahead of the curve. Leverage SWOT analysis, trend reports, and category-specific insights to stay steps ahead.

Step 3
Get Truth-Driven Insights with Clean Data

Experience the power of cleaned and organized data, allowing you to easily identify category trends, analyze historical data, and understand global market dynamics.

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Discover the Impact

Consumer Insights
95% of customers read online reviews before buying a product

With reviews guiding purchasing decisions for nearly all customers, harnessing this data is pivotal for understanding consumer behavior, preferences, and sentiments. Revuze eliminates the need for manual effort when researching and analyzing Voice of the Customer data.

Consumer Insights Use Cases
Product & Innovation
Positive reviews can increase customer spending by over 31%

Identify the starting point, learn what to change, and refine and develop products and features that resonate with your audience in real time. Get clear, instant, tailored solutions backed by your unique Voice of the Customer (VoC) data that quickly drive revenue growth.

Product Use Cases
Business Strategy
94% say reviews have actually made them avoid a business

Gain invaluable insights into customer perceptions, preferences, and pain points, guiding strategic decisions that resonate with your target audience. Quickly understand the why behind negative ratings and remedy to enhance customer loyalty and drive business growth.

Consumer Insights Use Cases
Branding & Campaigning
74% of consumers say that reviews increase trust in a company and ultimatly increase sales

A universal approach doesn’t work. Companies lose sales by not tailoring communication to different markets. Discover the ideal message for each region to maximize sales. With reviews playing a significant role in fostering trust, capitalize on positive sentiments to reinforce your brand identity and attract loyal customers.

Strategy & Growth Use Cases
E-commerce Marketing
Reviews result in an 18%+ lift in sales

Harness reviews insights to refine product listings, enhance customer journeys, and elevate conversions. Elevate your digital shelf presence with data-driven enhancements for superior customer engagement and commercial outcomes. Compare and analyze competitor-level data to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Ecommerce Use Cases
Market Research
3.4 stars is the average rating for consumers to consider a business

Employ advanced data cleansing and organization techniques to distill accurate insights from the vast pool of online reviews, illuminating market trends, competitor strategies, and consumer preferences.

Market Research Use Cases

Success Stories

How Char-Broil Transformed Itself Into A Data-Driven Company With Revuze

“It’s great to have data, and it’s also necessary to understand the implications to the overall organization. Revuze allowed us to take this to another level because we don’t have to spend time mining the data and providing those summaries and analyses the platform offers us automatically.”

Rob Hawkins
Senior Marketing Manager

Success Stories

How Dorel’s entire team now gets true consumer insights, from product, to market research to innovation

Since we partnered with Revuze, so many people in our organization now get true consumer insights when we do a new product development. It really impacts so much of what so many teams do, whether it’s product, market research or consumer insights … now everyone understands that they have a piece of it.

Diane Meyer
VP of Consumer Experience

Success Stories

How PUIG Achieved the Optimal Customer Experience for Fragrance Customers

“Sentiment will play a critical role. At the movies, you see the previews and read the reviews and then you decide. I have the pictures, but I don’t have the sentiment. Now this is exactly what Revuze provides me with.”

VP of Innovation & Technology
Image Charbroil
dorel min
Image Puig

No Matter Your Industry, Unlock the Power
of Consumer Insights and Analytics Today

There are a multitude of products available in your industry. Ensure your customers continue to choose yours.
Cosmetics & Fragrances

Keep your finger on the pulse of consumer trends. Monitor all the newest release to ensure your brand’s on top.

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