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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Know what your customers (and your competitors customers) think in real time from discovery to shipping to loyalty. Measure yourself against industry leaders and analyze trends as they happen.

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Personal Care

Analyse trends as they happen, fix issues before they go viral, identify new market opportunities, and create better offerings. Know how you compare yourself with the industry leaders and improve your customer sentiment.

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Revuze helps the world’s biggest automotive brands to know what their customers think, measure customer experience in real time and gather consumer insights using our AI-powered sentiment analysis engine.

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Sporting Goods

As more and more sport equipment is sold online its important to know what customers think about your brand and products. Its more important to know how they talk about your brand. Revuzes self learning AI based analytics engine gets you all you need to know about your product, brands and even your competitors.

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Fashion Retailers

Fashion shoppers are a tech savvy breed. Know what they really think about your brand and products from sizing & availability to shipping and match their preferences. Use that information to launch new products and improve existing ones.

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Home Appliances

Know what your customers think, their true likes and dislikes and act in time. Revuze analyzes online reviews from multiple sources, listens to social media and creates a competitive benchmark in real time using its advanced machine learning technology.

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Food and Beverages

If customers have a bad experience, you are in trouble. Today’s customers rely on online reviews and if they don’t like what they get they will post negative reviews. At best you can win them back by good customer service, at worst they will scare away future customers. Revuze will analyze, online reviews, and customer surveys, scan forums and social media allowing your customer service and marketing teams to be proactive and act when it matters.

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Tech consumers are well.. extremely tech savvy. They hunt for product reviews, demonstrations and read through a lot before they take your product. Revuze allows you to monitor your customer experience and customer sentiment and measure trends as they evolve.

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Personal Health

Revuze helps companies in the personal health and over-the-counter industry better understand their customers, strategize for their new product launches, and improve the quality of their customer service. Our autonomous AI-powered text analytics NLP engine can scan multiple online and offline data sources to help you navigate the market, adapting to the market-specific language in real time.

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Every year, toy producers add new items to their catalogs to satisfy demand for clever, sophisticated, and marketable toys. It’s fundamental for both producers and retailers to understand what sells and what doesn’t, what parents like and dislike, and what consumers are looking for when they’re shopping for toys. 

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Financial Services

Know and understand what and more importantly how consumers talk about loans, mortgages, banking services and other financial topics. Revuze allows you to compare yourself against the industry and competition and capture the sentiment in which people talk about or relate to your brand.

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Restaurants / Food Services

No one goes to a restaurant without checking its online reviews, some even cross reference it on multiple platforms. Revuze allows you to know what your customers talk about, what dishes they like or dislike, what they think about the service and locations. By gazing into your dashboard you will be able to improve your service, offer the right kind of promotion and improve your reputation and sales.

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