Revuze is backed by key partners and investors like Nielsen Innovate, Prytek and more. Our partners brings in their vast experience in customer analytics, customer experience, machine learning, NLP (natural language processing) and more.

Nielsen Innovation

Investor and Partner


NIF was launched in 2013 by Nielsen, a global performance management company that provides a comprehensive understanding of what consumers watch and buy, as well as Partam Hi-Tech, one of Israel’s top early stage venture capital funds. In 2014, additional investors, such as R&R Ventures, Fred H. Langhammer and Itzhak Fisher, joined as shareholders.

Investor and Partner


In 2019, Revuze received funding from the SAP.iO Fund, which invests in early-stage startups that are building solutions to help customers receive highly incremental value from SAP solutions. The SAP.iO Fund is part of SAP.iO, a strategic business unit within SAP that accelerates innovation and drives new business models for the company. Revuze’s solutions analyze unstructured data about customer sentiment, extending the SAP portfolio of customer experience and experience management solutions.

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TIC Group



The TIC Group™ approach enables retailers and suppliers to drive down costs while maximizing the value of the product at each point within its lifecycle.


Investor & Partner


PRYTEK turns the traditional venture capital model on its head by transforming every member of its management team into a strategic partner and investment advisor.

PRYTEK is a Strategic partner and a decentralized platform for sales in markets that are considered “secondary” for startups. PRYTEK also provides cross-sales opportunities that lead to a significant increase in startups’ sales.




Keisuke Doi, Gaprise Inc.’s director and COO, says about the partnership with Revuze: “It’s a great opportunity for Gaprise to introduce Revuze solutions to Japan-based brands and enable them to analyze their consumers’ data both, in Japan and overseas. Gaprise expects Revuze to assist Japanese enterprise to utilize their customer voice more efficiently for marketing, user support and product development teams.”


Sanpei Ventures

Partner & Reseller


SANPEI VENTURES is China’s first venture builder for Western start-ups aiming to accelerate their growth in Chinese and Asian markets. We work with data-driven start-ups developing innovative B2B technologies aiming to disrupt retail and consumer-facing sectors.


Investor & Partner


“The NPD Group is always looking for innovative solutions, and we are impressed with Revuze,” Steve Coffey, chief innovation officer of The NPD Group, said. “Revuze is providing a compelling new way to analyze consumer information, making it possible to break down consumer attitudes with much greater accuracy and detail. That’s why we have invested in the company and are taking the extra step of introducing them to our clients.”

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