Saucing Up Thanksgiving: A Flavorful Gravy Transformation
Saucing Up Thanksgiving: A Flavorful Gravy Transformation

Saucing Up Thanksgiving: A Flavorful Gravy Transformation

Florence Broder

Nov 8, 2023 ‧ 3 MIN.

When you think of Thanksgiving, you think of turkey, which is nothing without gravy. They go together like peanut butter and jelly or peas and carrots. So before we give thanks for everything we’re grateful for, we dug into the gravy category. 

There are many out there who don’t want to slave or the stove to make gravy. They’d rather take a shortcut and buy store-bought gravy to save time.

So what’s important to consumers when it comes to gravy products? In this blog post we’ll dive into generative AI-powered online review analytics to understand the voice of verified buyers around this product category.

Consumer Behavior Around Gravy & Thanksgiving

Let’s dive into the category to begin to understand some of the players and consumer trends. We quickly see that Heinz has the highest discussion volume and dominates the gravy category as it relates to Thanksgiving. It’s also interesting to note that all the Heinz reviews are completely organic.

Food & Beverage Brands with the highest discussion volume

After assessing the overall market, let’s examine the topics with the highest discussion volume. When analyzing what consumers are talking about, we find that ‘Flavor Enhancement’ and ‘Packaging’ are on the rise. Additionally, several other topics have experienced a decline in their share of discussion volume, including Quality, Healthy Options, Flavor Strength, Design, Economy, and Size.

.Top topics for gravy and Thanksgiving

When we sum up the reviews around the “Flavor Enhancement” topic, consumers seem to be looking for something that tastes great and has the perfect balance of seasoning and adds liquid to dishes. They also want the flexibility to add extra spices and seasonings to enrich the gravy’s flavor. Even though the product is off-the-shelf, consumers still want give gravies their own little twist.

One verified buyer writes:  “You can also add your own ingredients to it or the stock from the turkey drippings to add extra flavor.

As mentioned before, “Packaging” emerges as an important topic among consumers. They prefer gravy packaging that  is leak-proof and prevents any mess on the counters. Consumers prefer canned or packaged gravy products.

Opportunities for Innovating in the Gravy Category

Gravy is a classic Thanksgiving staple that is wide open for innovation in one area: “Ingredients”. This is highlighted in the generative AI-powered SWOT analysis under opportunities. 

Consumers who discussed gravy ingredients were looking for gluten-free options for people with dietary restrictions.

One consumer writes“I buy them because I have to maintain a gluten-free diet, and these are all gluten-free, and I’m trying to get away from the “A” place…but c’mon guys.”

McCormick Turkey Gravy

Top Gravy Uses

Store-bought gravy is  often used as a backup for homemade gravy. Many of the reviews praise off-the-shelf gravies for their taste, with some reviewers stating that some products taste homemade.

While turkey is the first thing that comes to mind for gravy uses, consumers also shared that they’re using it on stuffing, mashed potatoes, and even tenderloin steaks. Some reviewers also mention using this gravy for other occasions or dishes, such as bacon-wrapped green beans or pot pie.

When gravy products don’t measure up to consumer expectations, they simply refuse to use it for Thanksgiving. However, they may still use it during other occasions. It highlights that for a product to make the Thanksgiving table it better be “wow”.


Gravy is an integral part of Thanksgiving, but consumers often save time by purchasing jarred or packaged gravy. Online review analytics, powered by generative AI, underscore how consumers value both its flavor-enhancing qualities and convenient, mess-free packaging. Heinz leads the market with organic reviews, and key areas for innovation lie in accommodating dietary restrictions through gluten-free options. Store-bought gravy serves as a valuable backup, praised for its taste, and is not limited to turkey but extends to various dishes and occasions. Consumers still like to add their seasoning to store-bought options. For a gravy product to secure its place on the Thanksgiving table, it must exceed expectations and deliver a “wow” factor, emphasizing the potential for transformation and innovation in this Thanksgiving staple. Learn more about how Revuze can help you pinpoint trends with your products by clicking here.

Florence Broder