Usher in a New Era of Footwear Innovation with Online Review Analytics
Usher in a New Era of Footwear Innovation with Online Review Analytics

Usher in a New Era of Footwear Innovation with Online Review Analytics

Florence Broder

Jan 9, 2024 ‧ 5 MIN.

UGG, a subsidiary of Deckers brands, made a name for itself with sheep’s wool boots. Featured on Oprah and paraded around by celebrity A-listers, it’s no wonder that their net revenue hit $1.9B in 2023.

Ugg boots home page screen grab.

Though this brand is beloved, like any company there are still complaints from loyal consumers. This is reflected in their consumer sentiment of 70% and star rating of 4.22. The story comes alive in the consumer feedback which is aggregated, cleansed, and organized by Revuze’s generative AI. The online review analytics makes it a breeze to pinpoint the areas for improvement.

This blog post will explore how different facets of online review analytics can support UGG’s innovation needs. 

Focus on Review Topics

When we start to look at the various topics around the UGG brand, the “Size” topic stands out because of its high share of discussion and its low consumer sentiment, which is then followed by the “Return & Refund Topic”.

Topics associated with Ugg boots.

Using the Revuze Topic Summary feature, it was easy to get a grasp of consumers’ frustration. When it comes to the size of UGG boots, customer experiences vary widely. While many customers have reported that the shoes tend to run small and advise others to size up for a comfortable fit, there are also those who found them to be too big and suggest sizing down. Adding to the complexity, several customers have expressed frustration over the absence of half sizes in the UGG boot range. Additionally, some have noted that the boots can appear bulky on the feet, which may not be flattering to all wearers. Consequently, finding the right size and fit for UGG boots can be a somewhat challenging endeavor, with individual preferences and foot shapes playing a significant role in determining the ideal size.

The frustration with UGG sizing is actually reflected in the “Return & Refund” topic. Sizing quickly emerges as one of the top reasons that consumers returned their purchase. Customers commented about purchasing the wrong size, leading to discomfort and the need for returns. Some verified buyers have struggled with putting on the boots or found them uncomfortably fitting, prompting returns. Size availability for exchanges has also been a concern, as some sizes are not readily accessible for replacement. One customer wrote: “Exchanging for a larger size I got an 8.5 which is my normal size normally 9 is my go to size for UGGs.”

It’s also interesting to note that “Size” is the biggest driver of one and two star ratings. 

Star rating drivers for Ugg boots. It highlights that the "Size" topic has a big impact on one and two star ratings.

Product 2.0

When you think about the next footwear collection you have to take two things into consideration: what consumers want and their pain points. Both are captured by the “Defect” and “Wishlist” topics which embody what consumers love and hate about  your product line. 


Consumer feedback regarding UGG product defects highlights a variety of issues that have been encountered. Some customers reported the loop on the back of the boot breaking, while others received boots that were not in new condition and were damaged, including one boot arriving bent. Furthermore, concerns were raised about the quality of UGG accessories, with reports of a damaged UGG brush. Additionally, it was noted that the soles of the boots may become less rigid after being broken in. Some customers received slippers that appeared used and dirty, and there were complaints about water marks on the boots that proved difficult to remove. These diverse issues underscore the importance of maintaining UGG’s high standards of quality control to ensure customer satisfaction.


There are several key areas that they express their desire for product optimization. These include the desire for shoes with a higher back to better secure the foot, a broader range of color options, a more snug calf portion for improved fit, and the need for better size guides and more consistent sizing. Additionally, consumers express their wishes for straight bows that are not bent, waterproof shoes without the requirement for a separate kit, and shoes with a lower lip to facilitate easier sliding in. These consumer insights provide valuable guidance for UGG in enhancing their product offerings and meeting the expectations of their customers.

A Look the UGG Footwear Collection 

Another way to address innovation is to focus on products with the lowest consumer sentiment. For that we turned to Revuze’s Best / Worst dashboard for the product breakdown. Here two products emerge, the UGG Women’s Classic Short II Boot in two different colors and the Mini Bailey Bow II Genuine Shearling Bootie. Now it’s easy to focus on the issues of each of the products. Once again we turn to the Topic Summary feature for the bottom line.

Best and Worst Ugg boots.

UGG Women’s Classic Short II Boot

This specific Ugg boot brand has been facing some challenges lately, as numerous customers have openly expressed their dissatisfaction with the product and overall experience. A common concern among consumers is the authenticity of the boots, with some questioning whether they are genuine Ugg products. Sizing and quality issues have also emerged as significant pain points, leaving many customers feeling let down by the product’s fit and durability. Moreover, several customers have shared their frustration with the brand’s return and exchange policies, highlighting difficulties in addressing their concerns effectively. These issues underscore the importance for Ugg boots to address these customer concerns and improve their overall customer experience.

Mini Bailey Bow II Genuine Shearling Bootie

In this particular case, reviewers have consistently expressed their dissatisfaction with several aspects of the products. First and foremost, the fur quality of these boots falls short compared to other similar products on the market, leaving customers wanting more in terms of warmth and comfort. Many reviewers find the product disappointing overall, citing various reasons for their disappointment. Another common issue reported is that the size of the boots runs smaller than expected, causing discomfort and inconvenience for customers. Summing up their experiences, many reviewers share a sense of disappointment and overall dissatisfaction with the product, making it clear that improvements are needed to meet customer expectations and enhance the product’s appeal.


UGG’s iconic sheep’s wool boots have earned a place in many home footwear collections. However despite the brand’s prestige, there are issues beneath the surface. Consumers express frustration with sizing and other aspects of the product, sentiments reflected in consumer feedback and star ratings. By harnessing the power of Revuze’s AI-driven review analytics, UGG can pinpoint critical areas for improvement. Focusing on specific topics like “Size,” “Return & Refund,” “Defects,” and “Wishlist,” the brand can address customer pain points, enhance product quality, and align with consumer desires. Consumers essentially provide the brand with a roadmap for innovation. By staying responsive to consumer needs, UGG can ensure long-term consumer loyalty. Learn more about how Revuze can support your brand’s innovation endeavors here.

Florence Broder