Innovate Like Never Before: How Generative AI Transforms Cosmetics Product Development
Innovate Like Never Before: How Generative AI Transforms Cosmetics Product Development

Innovate Like Never Before: How Generative AI Transforms Cosmetics Product Development

Florence Broder

Feb 6, 2024 ‧ 7 MIN.

Taking your cosmetics products to the next level is often a challenge. You need to prioritize updating your current product line to satisfy even the most discerning fashionistas. Your brand may not realize that there’s low-hanging fruit ripe for the taking; it’s just a matter of turning to Generative AI-powered online review analytics. This helps bring order to data chaos and ensures that cosmetics brands receive the actionable insights they need to make strategic decisions. In this blog post, we will focus on Laura Mercier’s five worst products and explore ways the brand can leverage the data to optimize their products.

A Snapshot of Laura Mercier Cosmetics

Overall, Laura Mercier has built its reputation on the concept of the “flawless face” and now boasts annual revenue of $378.9 million. With over 24,000 reviews in the past two years, the cosmetics giant’s consumer sentiment stands at 83%, with an average star rating of 4.34, based on reviews from various online retailers.

Laura Mercier has cultivated a loyal following among its customers, who consistently praise the brand’s blush, creme, and primer products. Many users appreciate the exceptional quality and effectiveness of these items, considering them ideal for daily use. Additionally, Laura Mercier’s eyeliner, concealer, and setting powder have received high praise for their performance and long-lasting qualities, further enhancing the brand’s reputation for delivering reliable cosmetics.

However, it’s worth noting that not all customers have had a seamless experience with Laura Mercier. Some individuals have expressed disappointment over the inadequate amount of product in certain items, such as pens and powders. Moreover, a many customers has voiced concerns about the quality and performance of some products, citing issues related to application, texture, and longevity. Several loyal customers have also expressed their regret over the discontinuation of beloved Laura Mercier products. In addition, several loyal customers have expressed their disappointment over the discontinuation of beloved Laura Mercier products. There have also been complaints regarding the packaging and design of specific items, including issues with spray bottles and applicators. While Laura Mercier has received widespread acclaim for many of its offerings, these critiques underscore the importance of continuous improvement to meet the diverse needs and expectations of its customer base.

Laura Mercier home page.

Spotlight on Laura Mercier’s Worst Products

Despite the generally positive sentiment surrounding the Laura Mercier brand, as mentioned earlier, some customers have expressed concerns. These concerns include issues with product over-selection and dissatisfaction with discontinued items. We conducted a closer examination of Laura Mercier’s best and worst products, with the most beloved receiving a 96% consumer sentiment rating, while some of the worst products scored only a 60% consumer sentiment rating. Using the Revuze Topic Summary feature, let’s zero in on the worst products and try to understand why they are falling short.

Translucent Pure Setting Spray 16HR

Laura Mercier’s Translucent Pure Setting Spray 16HR received a mixed array of reviews, with both positive and negative feedback. For many users, this setting spray proves to be an excellent choice for day-to-day use in mild climate conditions. It stands out as the best setting spray they’ve tried, surpassing other brands in keeping makeup in place all day without a heavy or uncomfortable feeling. Furthermore, its fragrance-free and alcohol-free formula contributes to maintaining a fresh and flawless makeup look throughout the evening, earning praise for its longevity and makeup-preserving qualities

However, not all users share the same sentiment, as some express strong dissatisfaction with certain aspects of the product. A common point of contention is the spray bottle, which has been described as the “worst” and “horrible” by some users. They report issues with the spray nozzle, citing uneven and sporadic application, as well as a tendency to spit out the product. These disappointments have left several reviewers with high expectations feeling let down, as they had hoped for a better experience with the setting spray. In summary, the Translucent Pure Setting Spray 16HR elicits a polarized reception, with some finding it effective and comfortable, while others are deterred by issues related to the spray bottle and application.

Laura Mercier: Translucent Pure Setting Spray 16HR

The Translucent Loose Setting Powder

The Translucent Loose Setting Powder  is another product which has garnered both enthusiastic praise and mixed sentiments from users. For many, it stands out as the best setting powder on the market, renowned for its ability to smooth and blur the skin’s imperfections. This cult-favorite product has achieved holy grail status among makeup enthusiasts due to its lightweight and long-lasting formula.

However, not all users shared the same sentiment, as some find the powder disappointing and question whether it lives up to the hype. A divide emerges among consumers when it comes to the powder’s content, with some expressing disappointment over its talc inclusion, while others consider it their favorite setting powder. Additionally, opinions vary on the price point, with some finding it expensive and others deeming it a worthwhile investment. Ultimately, the reputation of the Translucent Loose Setting Powder reflects its ability to generate passionate responses from users, both positive and critical.

Translucent Setting Powder from Laura Mercier

Pure Canvas Primer – Blurring

As part of its “flawless face” suite of product, the Pure Canvas Primer – Blurring satisfied many users who found the blurring primer highly effective in reducing oiliness and blurring imperfections. It proves to be an excellent choice for achieving a radiant appearance, particularly in sunlight, and seamlessly pairs with concealer to deliver a smooth and flawless finish. This makes it an appealing option for those who prefer a natural or dewy look over an all-matte finish. Some users have even hailed it as their top favorite among various other primers, including Benefit’s Professional, SmashBox, and Hourglass, for its ability to effectively eliminate shine and keep makeup in place, especially when combined with sunscreen.

However, it’s important to note that not everyone shares the same sentiment. One reviewer, in particular, had a strongly negative experience with the product, describing it as ‘horrible’ and the worst they’ve ever used. This contrast in opinions highlights the subjective nature of skincare and makeup products, as what works wonders for one person may not necessarily yield the same results for another. Despite this mixed reception, the Pure Canvas Primer – Blurring continues to have both dedicated fans and detractors, underscoring the importance of individual preferences and skin types in product satisfaction.

Impure Canvas Primer

The Caviar Volume Panoramic Mascara

Like with the other Laura Mercier products, the Caviar Volume Panoramic Mascara also garnered mix reviews. Many users have praised it as a superior alternative to Lancôme and as the best mascara they’ve ever used, describing it as a wonderful hidden gem. Overall, they hold it in high regard and emphasize its effectiveness.

However, not all users have had a positive experience with the product. Some have expressed dissatisfaction, as the mascara they received was clumpy and didn’t meet their expectations. They note that the product tends to gather on the brush before application, requiring extra effort to use. Despite wanting to love the mascara, some reviewers were ultimately disappointed, with one even considering it the worst high-end mascara they’ve ever used. This divergence in opinions underscores the subjectivity of makeup products, as what works exceptionally well for some may not align with the preferences and experiences of others.

The Caviar Volume Panoramic Mascara by Laura Mercier Cosmetics

Secret Camouflage Correct and Brighten Concealer Duo Stick

The Secret Camouflage Correct and Brighten Concealer Duo Stick from Laura Mercier has elicited diverse opinions from users. One enthusiastic reviewer is highly impressed with the product, even going so far as to describe it as ‘amazing’ and the best concealer they’ve encountered. They express a deep affinity for Laura Mercier’s blending and concealing products, with this particular one earning the title of their favorite. The reviewer also appreciates the translucent powder’s ability to effectively hide creases. While they mention a preference for the other end of the product to be a corrector rather than a brightener, their overall sentiment remains positive.

On the other hand, a contrasting perspective emerges from a different reviewer who appears to be disheartened with Laura Mercier products in general, having tried multiple without finding any that met their expectations. This reviewer expresses disappointment, particularly as they had previously been a fan of the brand. Although the product came close to meeting their criteria, it ultimately fell short, leaving them unimpressed. They found the ‘color correct’ side preferable but still noted issues with chalkiness. This divergence in opinions underscores the subjectivity of makeup products and highlights that what works for one user may not align with the preferences and experiences of another.Duo Stick from Laura Mercier Cosmetics



The cosmetics industry is a dynamic and competitive arena where brands like Laura Mercier must balance their strengths and weaknesses to stay at the forefront of innovation. While Laura Mercier enjoys a strong reputation and loyal customer base, we already see many cracks in the reputation, including product discontinuations and mixed customer reviews. Leveraging generative AI and online review analytics can provide valuable insights to guide product development and meet the evolving needs of consumers. By embracing data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement, cosmetics brands can thrive in this ever-changing landscape, ensuring they remain at the forefront of innovation and continue to satisfy their discerning customer base. Learn more about how Revuze can support your beauty brand here.

Florence Broder