Weekly Insights #1: The Booming Skin Care & Cosmetics Industry

Weekly Insights

Weekly insights brought to you by Revuze is a weekly column that will present findings from our dashboards on specific industries or products. If you have any feedback or suggestions we are always happy to hear them!

The Skin Care and Cosmetics Industry is a multi-billion global market. In the United States alone, the skincare and beauty product market is estimated at over 90 billion dollars in 2019. With a close to an endless variety of products, this industry is providing consumers with items ranging from cleansers and moisturizers to face powders and lipsticks.

However, not even this powerhouse market wasn’t immune to the global effects of the COVID-19 crisis.

 It is no secret collecting and analyzing customer reviews provides priceless insights into consumers’ state of mind, wants, and needs, even in these strange times. This information is key to improving customer experience and marketing strategies, helping businesses to prosper under such harsh market conditions. 

So, when reviewing data from the past few months, we witnessed some interesting changes in consumer feedback. Let’s take a look at what we found.

Skincare Moisturizing for skincare:

  • January 2020  V.S January 2019  – 56% increase
  • Feb 2020 V.S Feb 2019 – 30.7% increase
  • March 2020 V.S March 2019 – 17% decline! due to what I referred to the transition from panic mode to “new normal”.
  • The data from last week – We continue to see it goes back to steady-state with 320 definitive discussions with sentiment towards moisture v.s 335 same time last year.


  • Skin care’s data for the last couple of weeks is on a steady-state with 267 and 246 in the 1st and 2nd week of May 20202 compared to 243 & 259 last year.
  • Facial care is where we see the major trend  and wild shifts in Vitamins:
    • Jan 2020 V.S Jan 2019 – 670% increase (2678 mentions v.s 397)
      • Feb 2020 V.S Feb 2019 – 334% increase (1117 V.s 334)
      • March 2020 V.s March 2019 – Back to normal! (326 V.s 309)
      • April 2020 V,S April 2020 –  78% increase (574 v.s 321)
      • 2nd week of May 2020 V.S same time last year – 53% increase
      • 3rd week of May V.S same time last year – ~ the same as last year
  • The 2 categories we see with the most impact are:

Hair colors & Nails

  • Hair colors & Nails and the trend is increasing!
    • 13% increase in Jan 2020 compared to last year
    • 15% increase in Feb 2020 compared to last year
    • 23% increase in March 2020 compared to last year
    • 26% increase in April 2020 compared to last year
Weekly Insights: Pre and post shaving statistics

Pre and post-shaving

  • Pre and post-shaving fluctuate a lot!
    • Jan 2020 V.S Jan 2019 – No change
    • Feb 2020 V.S Feb 2019 – 50% increase Panic shopping?
    • March 2020 V.s March 2019 – 30% decrease compensating last month
    • April 2020 V.s April 2019 – No change
    • 2nd & 3rd week of May – back to a positive trend with a 33% increase for the 2nd week and 48% increase for the 3rd week.

Conclusion & TakeAways

To sum up, we see a shift in consumer interests and behaviors. The panic shopping effect of COVID-19 has lost its control over the consumer audience, mirroring the social transition to a post coronavirus “new normal”. Meanwhile, consumers are showing growing interests in all “at home” or “DIY” beauty and self-care products, with a rise in home hair coloring or removal and vitamin purchases.

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