The US Facial Care Industry Market Research Report

US Facial Care Industry Market Research

The US Facial Care industry market research is about a multi-billion global industry, delivering consumers with cosmetic products designed for the care and protection of their skin. In the United States alone, the skincare market is estimated at around 13 billion dollars in sales 2019. There are hundreds of brands selling a variety of products – from night cream and sunscreen all the way to acne treatment.

Revuze is providing leading global companies with valuable data gathered from online reviews and analyzed by a proprietary self learning AI. The output is a highly granular market research which enables our clients to efficiently launch and monitor new products, assess their competition, spot new trends and better understand their customer’s needs. This time we take a look at the massive US skin care market, would you like to join us?  

It all comes down to consumer opinions 

Our software collected over 900,000 consumer reviews from 5 different online sources over a three year period, between 2016 and 2019. From these reviews our AI identified over 2 million valuable quotes, covering 100+ brands and over 1,000 different products.

Revuze’s AI organized the data into 50+ discussion topics and identified value sentences. Then it analyzes the sentiment in each sentence (positive, neutral, negative). The percentage of positive sentences is calculated into the average market sentiment. The end result is a clear and simple consumer opinion and sentiment analysis.

Ok, so what are customers saying about skin care products?

The overall sentiment of the United States facial care market is 84 percent. In other words, 84% of the sentences analyzed contain positive sentiment (meaning that 16% are neutral or negative). The average star rating in this market is a strong 4.30 stars out of 5.

Revuze Dashboard
Consumer Analytics Overview Of the facial Care Market

After analyzing all the available customer feedback data, we identified over 50 different trending topics regarding US facial skin care. You would probably think that when it comes to cosmetics or skin care it all comes down to whether it cleared the blemishes or removed all the makeup. Well, you might be a little surprised. 

As represented in the topic column chart below, the topics with above average in sentiment are green, and the ones below average in sentiment are orange or red.

Most discussed topics by customers in the skin care market

The top 10 topics by importance/volume in the facial care market are:

  1. Overall Satisfaction
  2. Visible results
  3. Smell 
  4. Hydration 
  5. Soft & Smooth
  6. Skin Sensitivity 
  7. Refreshing 
  8. Price/Value for money 
  9. Is it recommended?
  10. Acne 

Looking at the list above, you can see many topics revolve around customer experience and requirements with any type of product or service. Other topics are specific to the skin care industry, such as hydration, skin sensitivity and acne.

Let’s dive into some of these topics, shall we?

We picked some of the trending topics we found to be interesting and can provide insights into customers’ needs, wants and experience with skin care products. We decided to focus on topics that are less obvious in their connection to the skin care industry, but provide a deeper understanding of the consumer.

Want to learn more? Check out our full report here.

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