Revuze Next Generation Solution is Here!

Our New UI Is Here!

At Revuze we take pride in empowering operational roles in brands to make autonomous, data driven decisions quickly and without the need for experts, data scientists and analysts. 

Helping every role be aware of all the market trends needed to make a knowledgeable decision quickly and without lengthy projects and processes make the entire organization stronger, nimble and competitive.

We’re now announcing that we just made Revuze better! Across all aspects from product analytics, customer research, topic research to competitor analysis and customer reviews. There will be faster decision making, easier decision making and better usability. Read on.

More languages supported

The Revuze technology is language agnostic and adding support for a new language is an easy task. This is why just based on recent demand we have added language support for Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Russian.

Improved UI that delivers superior usability

Rebuilt from scratch to handle millions of consumer opinions in seconds, the new Revuze dashboard adds many usability capabilities and is much faster. To name a few of the usability enhancements:

  • Product pictures delivery visual aid to help focus on right product faster
  • Auto sliding menu helps leverage different tools without taking space from main view
  • Hovering “export” menu in every screen allows quick information sharing
New Dashboard Home Screen

Product Portfolio Dashboard

Industry specific filters

Adding to the existing comprehensive list of filters, now every industry can filter by industry specific filters. For fashion this could be size or color, where the same SKU can be sold in different sizes or colors. For the consumer electronics industry this could be things like memory capacity or screen size. With this you can drive much more granular analysis and decision making.

Ability To Create Custom Filters

Auto discovery of drivers (subtopics)

One of the unique capabilities of the Revuze technology is to automatically identify the topics discussed in any market. No more need to rely on experts and wait in lines for data scientists or analysts – Revuze automatically discovers the 40-60 topics discussed in any market.

Now we’re taking this to the next level with automated Drivers discovery for each topic. If you want to understand what consumers talk about when they discuss “overall satisfaction”, the Revuze dashboard will automatically show you the key themes breakdown underneath. The goal here is to shorten time to decision making.

Topic Research Dashboard

Industry benchmark analysis

Enhancing our competitive analysis capability, now each comparison of SKUs, brands, groups etc. will also include an industry summary reference column, to allow you to see now just head to head comparison but also how things stand in relation to the entire industry sentiment and topics discussed. This helps make sure you do not miss on important trends when looking at your competition.

Competitor Analysis Dashboard

Sentiment analysis breakdown into positive, negative and neutral

To continue to drive more granular decision making the sentiment analysis technology was enhanced to show a detailed breakdown of positive / negative / neutral (all automatically detected on a per market/industry level) sentiment on a per topic/SKU/brand level. 

Sentiment Analysis Dashboard

There’s even more, just reach out

These are just some of the highlights of the next generation of Revuze, there’s many more capabilities and we’d love to show you how any business user can quickly drive their own decisions autonomously and affordably. Just reach out here to see a live demo.

Find Out How Revuze Can Help You Grow

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