Maximizing Digital Media ROI: A Fashion Brand’s Journey with Revuze’s Generative AI
Maximizing Digital Media ROI: A Fashion Brand’s Journey with Revuze’s Generative AI
Maximizing Digital Media ROI: A Fashion Brand’s Journey with Revuze’s Generative AI
Florence Broder

Florence Broder

Jan 25, 2024 ‧ 5 MIN.

Understanding how to optimize digital media on online retailers is paramount to e-commerce success. This is true of every vertical/industry out there. It’s a matter of managing resources and pinpointing where to optimize. Sounds easy, right? In fact, it can be quite a challenge if you’re not using the right data set.

To ensure success, use online review analytics powered by generative AI. This data set is directly tied to sales because consumers leave a review post-purchase. That means the product has been genuinely used in the real world rather than a controlled test setting.

This blog will explore the apparel industry and different ways to utilize online review analytics to optimize e-tail channels and ultimately increase conversions.

Consumer Sentiment & Online Channels

Your apparel brand may be valued differently by consumers on different channels. Meaning, your brand may have higher consumer sentiment on Amazon than on Walmart. 

The first step to optimizing your digital channels is to understand consumer behavior by brand and channel. In the example below, we compare four jeans brands on five different retail channels. All of the brands exceed the industry benchmark on Amazon but are more volatile on other channels. For instance, Lee brand jeans surpass the industry average on Kohl’s but don’t hit the mark on Walmart, with a consumer sentiment of 63%.

 Comparative view of bottoms and a look of consumer sentiment by source based on online review analytics.

What factors can impact consumer sentiment on these two different channels? How can e-commerce managers leverage this data to increase ROI? 

Product Description Page Analysis 

Armed with an understanding of the different trends by channel, it’s time to take the plunge and examine each channel’s PDP page. This will help zero in on what works and what doesn’t. 


Following the initial search for jeans, we see that the Lee brand is aware of the struggle and has sponsored a campaign featuring four different jean styles. 

Search engine results page on Walmart highlighting sponsored ads by the Lee brand.

Here we clicked on the Lee® Men’s Legendary Regular Straight Jean, and were greeted by a selection of product images, colors, and sizes. Further is a product description that delves into the style, cut, and fabric details. The main selling point is that it’s a “Modern take on a classic denim essential”.

Product details for Lee brand jeans on Walmart.

Overall, the page is visually appealing and it’s not clear why the product may not be selling as expected since there are strong images and a clear product description.


Now we turn to the PDP for the same Lee jeans style on Kohl’s. What’s immediately striking is the number of color options available for this style, a total of 16 (though some are out of stock). Like Walmart, the PDP on Kohl’s website boasts beautiful photos of the product from different angles and different models.

Lee brand product description page on Kohl's.

The product details shed light on another aspect of the PDP. Here, the buzz words are, “Dependable, authentic”. The description also appeals to another sub-audience that cares about sustainability with the special icon and the bullet which emphasizes where the cotton is sourced. This detail gets lost on the Walmart PDP for the same product, which is just listed as “preferred cotton”.

Product details about Lee brands jeans on the Kohl's website.

From a price/value for money perspective, the product is being sold for the same price on my channels. However, it’s the sale price on Kohl’s as opposed to Walmart.

Make the Lee Brand Shine

The magic of Revuze’s category insights is the power of generative AI which shapes the story of how consumers view your brand. What’s crucial is to understand the disparity between how a brand sees itself versus consumers’ perception.

The SWOT analysis below for Lee brand jeans plots the topics that most resonated with consumers, by importance, and consumer satisfaction. The green quadrants that mark strengths and opportunities are the topics that any e-commerce manager can incorporate into product description pages.

To play to their strengths, Lee should mention topics like: “Elasticity”, “Material”, “Fit”, “Comfort”, and “Feel”. These topics can be easily woven into the product details and description.

Opportunities–these are the areas where their brand can leverage. For instance, “Style” and “Durability” bubble up for Lee. Again, these are topics that can be included in the details page and aren’t captured by “Dependable, authentic”.

SWOT analysis based on online review analytics for the Lee brand.

A Look at Sustainability in Category Insights

When we did our initial comparison of the Kohl’s and Walmart Lee PDP pages, we noted that Kohl’s underscored that it was a sustainable product with more prominence. This factor may be influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Let’s take a closer look at the “Sustainability” topic for Lee jeans. Overall, Lee jeans have garnered mixed sentiments regarding their sustainability efforts. On one hand, their commitment to eco-friendly practices is evident in products that are crafted entirely from recycled polyester. These apparel items are not only environmentally responsible but also impressively lightweight, comfortable, and breathable, leaving many customers pleased with their purchase.

However, a contrasting sentiment exists among some consumers who express concerns about the use of recycled materials. They find that the fabric, while sustainable, doesn’t match the quality of non-recycled versions, giving it an uncomfortable, cheap feel. Some even report issues like static shocks and skin discomfort. Thus, while Lee jeans’ sustainability efforts are lauded, there remains a need to strike a balance between environmental consciousness and product quality to fully satisfy their diverse customer base.

The term cloud illustrates that “recycled materials” are indeed important to consumers and stand out among the other terms.

Term cloud for Lee jeans around the sustainability topic.


This exercise demonstrates the value of online review analytics in optimizing digital media channels to increase conversion rates. We were able to understand the sentiment by channel and then dive into the various product description pages for Lee to understand how they measure up on each channel. We were able to see key differences in the pages and identify areas for improvement on Walmart. The SWOT analysis helps to focus on other product facets that can be woven into the description for the ultimate recipe for success. Post-purchase data is a force to be reckoned with showing brands how to shape and optimize their e-commerce initiatives. Learn more about the different ways that Revuze can help your brand increase your conversion rate here.

Florence Broder

Florence Broder