Brand Marketing Renaissance – 5 Points To Consider

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Ok, you got this great product – it’s innovative and imaginative. You even throughout the whole brand around it, the logo, the colors, the entire identity. But if you don’t communicate its awesomeness to the world, it’s all worthless. Brand marketing takes a brand out into the world and shows potential consumers why it’s worth their time and money. 

This blog post will explain what Brand Marketing is, why Marketing Research is important, and give you the 5 steps for creating a successful data-driven Brand Marketing strategy.

What is Brand Marketing?

Marketing is the set of tools, processes, and strategies that actively promote a product or service. However, Brand marketing isn’t about selling one particular product or service. Brand marketing means promoting said product or service by highlighting and communicating the overall brand identity, values, and essence to target audience. 

The goal is to connect with customers and get them to buy the product or service. It’s about getting the consumers’ attention, improving sales and driving brand recognition and loyalty.

If you want a nice analogy – It’s all about creating a bridge between the product and the consumer, cultivating a sense of connection, trust, and loyalty with current and potential customers. 

So, having a data-driven, efficient brand marketing strategy is vital for brand growth and success. Basing your brand marketing strategy on high-quality customer experience data and thorough market research will result in successful campaigns, improved sales and increased revenue.

A successful brand marketing strategy is:

  • Based on granular market research and careful CX analysis.
  • Includes a detailed brand book (looks, marketing material design, fonts, logos, icons etc.) 
  • Follows a strict marketing timeline (what, when and where to publish)

How to build a brand marketing strategy 

Brand marketing strategies are long-term plans that have a few core components –  

1. Clear brand identity and vision

The first step is to decide what a brand wants to be known for, what is the message and feelings you want to be associated with this brand. Only then can you develop a marketing strategy to pass the message to customers. So, a good brand marketing strategy is based on clear brand identity and end-goals, and should include brand innovation plans. Providing such a strong foundation enables long-term planning that often improves brand stability and growth.

2. Identified target audience

Knowing who your customers are is vital for effective brand marketing. However, identifying the target audience is much more than just basic demographics. The broad consumer market should be broken down into different segments, so you can better identify and understand each customer group – their needs, wants, behaviors and habits. If you just listen closely, the voice of the customer will provide you with priceless insights for your marketing strategy.

3. Consistency

A brand’s message, visuals, and tone need to be consistent and coherent. Consistency makes a brand more recognizable and builds customer trust and loyalty. The end goal is to have consumers identify the brand quickly, and be able to associate a message or feeling with it. If you stray too much from the set vision, you risk confusing the customers and create insecurity and distrust that often hurt sales.

5. Emotion

According to Forbes Magazine, emotional motivation is establishing an emotional connection with customers is the key to successful marketing. This kind of connection can be made by associating the brand with a certain feeling (like Coca-Cola’s link with happiness) or by simply providing quality customer service or rewarding loyal customers. 

how to build a brand marketing strategy

Never Underestimate Marketing Research

Marketing Research is a very important step before building the final Brand Marketing Strategy. At that stage, you need to do a deep dive and collect all the information you need –

  • Recently released and upcoming products
  • Product development and innovation
  • Consumer preferences and needs

For example, conducting social media monitoring and social sentiment analysis can give you great insight into customer attitudes and desires. Nowadays, many brands have turned to social media to engage with their customers. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become popular sites for customer service and interaction, so they are a goldmine of useful information.

Can Revuze Help with Brand Marketing?

Basing your Brand Marketing strategy on highly granular CX analysis can provide a much wider and more accurate view of the consumer market. It’ll give you the essential customer insight you need in order to make your brand grow and succeed in today’s cutthroat market.

Revuze developed the first self-training, low touch AI technology that collects and analyzes customer feedback automatically and serves valuable insights. This innovative Artificial intelligence technology collects data from a variety of sources, such as online reviews, social media monitoring, emails, surveys, call center data, and more. 

Revuze’s Self learning algorithms scan and analyze the data, providing highly granular customer feedback that helps build an efficient and beneficial Brand Marketing strategy.

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About Revuze

Revuze is the first company to provide on-demand access to 1 billion consumer insights into over 300,000 products. Since 2013, Revuze has been servicing some of the biggest brands in the world with access to valuable consumer insights in a matter of hours, instead of months.

Revuze’s AI-powered solution helps product companies in any industry — from electronics to personal care, from home appliances to consumer-packaged goods — monitor the ecommerce market, identify emerging trends, and assess products’ strengths and weaknesses. Backed by Nielsen and SAP, Revuze is headquartered in Netanya, Israel, and has offices in New York, NY, and Montréal, Canada.

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