Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Report

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Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Report

This report puts the spotlight on a your brand’s Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) index against the competitive landscape and monitors it over a period of time.

The CSAT report includes:

  • Industry benchmark
  • Your Brand CSAT over time
  • Competitive landscape analysis (5 brands):
    • Avg. Start Rating
    • CSAT index
    • Overall volume
  • Detailed customer sentiment breakdown by channel
  • Top 3 positive and negative customer reviews

Boaz Grinvald, CEO of Revuze

“Revuze Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) report offers unparalleled access into granular brand analysis- Find Out Why Businesses Like Yours Choose Revuze to Monitor Their Customer Satisfaction”

From innovators to FORTUNE 500 companies – Revuze Big Data Consumer

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