Feature & Function Medallia logo
Category Wide Yes No
Brand Yes Yes
Product / SKU Yes No
Feature / Function Yes Yes
Self Service Yes No
Automatic Topic Detection Yes No
Sentimental Analysis (Real NLP) Yes No
Data Sources
Social Media Yes Yes
Internal Data Yes Yes
Ecommerce Reviews Yes Yes
Competitors Reviews Yes No

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Revuze VS Medallia Comparison

Searching for the right Customer Experience Management platform is exhausting. Each platform uses different data sources and caters to different use cases. Medallia revolves around customer and employee feedback and analyzes this information to provide customer experience analytics. On the other hand, Revuze leverages e-commerce reviews together with social media and internal data (such as customer satisfaction surveys and user feedback) to provide a product surrounding customer-centric analytics.

This is exactly why when choosing between Revuze vs. Medallia, one should take a closer look at each vendor’s technical abilities, data sources, and whether they are marketing centric / product centric or both. Another important aspect to take into account is how automated the onboarding process is and whether it requires integration experts or if it is fully self-service.

Boaz Grinvald, CEO of Revuze

“Revuze vs Medallia: Guidelines For Comparing Customer Experience Management Tools- Find Out Why Businesses Like Yours Choose Revuze Over Medallia”

About Medallia:

Medallia is a customer experience management solution which revolves around customer and employee feedback in order to run its analysis and provide a brand level customer experience measurement. It requires setting up customer satisfaction surveys and relies mainly on incentivized feedback.

About Revuze:

Revuze is a customer experience management solution that leverages multiple data sources such as e-commerce reviews, social media and internal data sources (like customer satisfaction surveys and user feedback). Revuze provides a holistic CX measurement and competitive research from the feature/function to product/SKU, and all the way down to the brand and category level.

Revuze Explorer ™ allows you to understand what your customers think leveraging unstructured data to auto discover topics and the sentiment towards it.

Discover the differences between these two solutions and learn how to choose a customer experience management solution which directly caters to your use case and Product/Marketing KPIs.

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