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Why is Online Review Data So Powerful?

Online review data is post-purchase data, making it a powerful dimension to enhance any data set. The feedback is from genuine consumers who have used your product in a real world setting. Their review of your brand or product can make or break potential consumers’ purchasing decisions and ultimately, significantly impact your bottom line.

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of all people read reviews
trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation
specifically look for negative reviews - at least sometimes
purchase conversion rate increase from reviews
are less likely to buy from a brand after seeing negative commentary online

The World’s Most Influential Brands Trust Us

  • Char Broil
  • COTY
  • Dolby
  • H&S
  • Hoover
  • J&J
  • Loreal
  • Lubrizol
  • MC
  • P&G
  • WD
  • Wilson


A beauty company used Revuze to review topics associated with a dry shampoo they offer. During this review process, they identified a subgroup of customers with extra oily hair. The shampoo made there hair even more greasy than before washing.

The product team understood that there was a gap that needed to be filled. They quickly began the process of creating an extra strength version of this same dry shampoo to cater to customers with extra oily hair. This discovery enabled them to swiftly stay ahead of the curve and of there competitors.

“It's great to have data, and it's also necessary to understand the implications to the overall organization. Revuze allowed us to take this to another level because we don't have to spend time mining the data and providing those summaries and analyses the platform offers us automatically.”
Senior Marketing Manager
“Sentiment will play a critical role. At the movies you see previews and you read the reviews and you decide. I have the pictures but I don’t have the sentiment and this is exactly what Revuze provides me.”
VP of Innovation & Technology
Access Sources Across All Global eCommerce
Cleansed & Organized Insights
Product SKUs Catalog by Category & Hierarchy
Parameters per SKU

How You Benefit?

  • Unparalleled category insights from online reviews to support marketing, e-commerce, and product decision making.

  • Get robust visualizations around the most discussed consumer topics, SWOT analysis, comparison dashboards and more.

  • Get as granular as you wish with category, brand, and SKU insights.

  • Identify emerging trends and competitors early on, to make product, campaign and branding changes quickly.

Harvey Binnes

Senior Business Development

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