Scott vs Presto! Paper Care 2021 eCommerce Consumer Data Report

Want to learn how different online strategies grant different benefits when dealing with consumers? We’ve examined Presto! and Scott’s e-commerce strategies to discover:

  • What’s different about their e-commerce strategies?
  • What Customer Satisfaction and NPS scores did they rate over a six month period?
  • What STAR ratings do each of them boast?
  • What is the distribution of positive and negative reviews?

We’ve included a sample of reviews, including positive, negative, and neutral reviews, as well as an in-depth examination of their e-commerce strategies and the ups and downs of each
After reading this report you’ll hopefully know what Presto! and Scott aimed for with their online strategies, as well as how receptive consumer were to their tactics.

Scott vs Presto! Paper Care 2020 eCommerce Consumer Data Report

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