Fragrances Market reviews Size & Share

The Segment Fragrances Accounted for 10% of the Beauty & Personal Care Revenue in 2021

The industry worldwide revenue of US$53 billion in 2019 is expected to increase to US$60 billion by 2025

Fragrances / Perfume is expected to remain the fastest-growing product segment, expanding at a

CAGR of 3.9%, 2019-2025

The online channels segment is expected to witness a CAGR of 4.2% from 2019 to 2025

North America was the largest market for fragrance with a market share of 33.9% in 2018. It is projected to reach USD 30.27 billion by 2025

Top Fragrances Brands In eCommerce

The following analysis looks at topics that drive star ratings & reviews which is the key decision driver on eCommerce sites

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A Star Is Born (How To Identify The Features To Drive eCommerce Success)

According to consumers’ reviews, Armani’s Long lasting, Strong Fragrances are highly appreciated by its consumers. Long Lasting is mentioned in 27% of the 5-star reviews, against only 12% of the negative 1-2-star reviews. It’s also interesting to see that Refreshing is mentioned in 10% of the Positive reviews, while only in 1% of the negative ones.

On the other hand, e-commerce consumers are worried about the originality of the products they purchase online, as Original is mentioned in 27% of the negative reviews, against only 2% of the positive, 5-star reviews.

Refreshing, and Occasion appropriate are both contributing to Dior’s high sentiment, mentioned mostly in favorable 5-star reviews.

It is also known for its Allure, which is usually related to Men’s fragrance, Reviews that contain the notion of Allure are more likely to be rated higher.

On the negative side Age appropriate is mentioned in 9% of the negative, 1-2-star reviews against only 4% of the positive ones.

While also being appreciated for its Types, Strength, and Fragrance Longevity, Estee Lauder is also often mentioned as being used for Gift Purposes in 12% of its Positive 5-star reviews.

Estee Lauder consumers mention in negative reviews in 2020 both Formula Change and Smell, this may imply a change that was made in one or more of their Perfumes.

Conclusion & Recommendation

The following Topics seems to be important to act upon:

  • Highlight Long Lasting, Fresh, and Floral when applicable. Its highly appreciated by consumers and can be demonstrated in texts and in explanatory pictures.
  • Changes of Formulas are tricky as some consumers would not appreciate it.
  • Work with e-Commerce sites to remove fraudulent sellers.
  • Use Revuze to better understand the phrases that constitute each of these topics, it will help you address the right issues and better communicate advantages to your customers.