Dolby leverages Revuze to understand consumer challenges

In this case study you’ll discover:

  • How Dolby pinpointed 13 elements that affect consumer purchase decisions regarding A/V products
  • How Dolby leveraged these insights for market success
  • How these results positively impacted their decision making


The Latest Insights Delivered To You By AI

Revuze simplifies market research so that any Product, Marketing, QA and Consumer Insights Expert can make better, well educated,business decisions, faster. The Revuze autonomous AI solution turns any type of data (eCommerce, call center, emails, Social, etc) intomarket insights about your brand, competitors, products and features.

Brand Dashboard

Full presentation of complete brand inventory of key performance indicators and sentiment analysis with respect to your brand, products and their features.

  • See 40-80 topics that your consumers care about
  • Drill down to the most specific traits of your product
  • Monitor Competitors to the product level

Emerging Trends

Be the first to spot interest shifts. Take advantage of knowing what your customers care about the most as they form their views. A unique view that considers sentiment volume and intensity.

  • Get a head start on new topics
  • Catch negative trends for your products early
  • Make early adjustments to perfectly fit customer needs


Know your competition and how you are benchmarking against them in all aspects that matter to you and your customers. Spot new opportunities and tackle weaknesses.

  • Know the strengths & weaknesses of your competition
  • Examine each competitor in detail across 40-80 topics
  • Get granular comparisons and trends across time

Product Analysis

Zoom in to any aspect of your products to learn what your customers thought of it in regards to 80 automatically-captured characteristics.

  • Address consumer concerns as soon the product meets the market introduction stage
  • Monitor product launch progress to insure smooth consumer adoption
  • Easy export to PowerPoint to share with peers


See how your brand is performing over time. Explore fluctuations in sentiment and overall satisfaction to understand cause & effect.

  • Monitor your brand health performance over time
  • Examine fluctuations in sentiment and satisfaction for every product and feature
  • Measure your ability to create affinity within the minds of your consumers