Coffee Makers Market Size & Share

Size was valued at $3.8 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to reach 5.1 billion by 2027

The residential segment witness a CAGR of 6.90% from 2021-2027 The Europe region holds the highest market share of 37.33% in 2019

Revenue in the Coffee Machines segment amounts to

US$9,469.9m in 2020

The market is expected to grow annually by

2.0% (CAGR 2020-2025)

In global comparison, most revenue is generated in the United States (US$2,882m in 2020).

In relation to total population figures, per person revenues of US$1.27 are generated in 2020.

Top Ranked Coffee Makers Winners In eCommerce

The following analysis looks at topics that drive star ratings & reviews which is the key decision driver on eCommerce sites.

Analyzing over

Over 1050
products/SKU in the category of Coffee Makers

consumers reviews

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A Star Is Born (How To Identify The Features To Drive eCommerce Success)

Ease of use is mentioned in 30% of the positive, 5-star reviews for Ninja, against only 4% of the negative, 1-2-star reviews, making it one of the main drivers for Ninja’s high rank.
Consumers also appreciate Ninja’s Cleanability but even more notable are the strong contribution of both Taste (18% 5-star vs. 7% 1-2-star) and Coffee strength (14% positive against 5% in the negative reviews)

On the negative side, Ninja’s Life span is mentioned in 32% of the negative 1-2-star reviews against only 4% of the positive 5-star reviews. This, together with notable negative mentioning of Customer Service and Warranty, are dragging Ninja’s star rating down.

Consumers mention Hamilton Beach’s Programmability as a 5-star rating contributor, mentioning it in 10% of the 5-star reviews against only 5% of the negative, 1-2-star reviews.
On the other hand, Life Span and Quality are driving the low 1-2-star ratings, together with Hamilton Beach’s Customer Service 

Mr. Coffee’s Size is mentioned in 11% of its 5-star reviews against only 3% of the negative 1-2-star reviews. Brewing speed is also mentioned positively making them both unique 5-star contributors.

On the negative side, consumers mention Coffee maker features in 19% of the 1-2-star reviews against 12% of the 5-star reviews. Consumers also mention Coffee Filter as a contributor to 1-2-star reviews.

Conclusion & Recommendation

The following analysis looked at topics that drive star ratings & reviews which is the key decision driver on eCommerce sites.

  • Highlight Ease of Use when applicable. Its highly appreciated by consumers and can be demonstrated in texts and in explanatory pictures.
  • As an R&D, invest in designing good Cleanability, as well as programmability and strength of brewing.
  • Backup poor Life Span and Quality with good Customer Service and Warranty, it will reduce the negative 1-2-star ratings for your products.
  • Use Revuze to better understand the phrases that constitute each of these topics, it will help you address the right issues and better communicate advantages to your customers.