What is Revuze Alerts?

Revuze eCommerce Alerts is an add-on product to our Revuze Explorer, that provides you with alert emails on a daily or weekly basis to online reviews, Q&A based on your criteria.

With Revuze Alerts you can be made aware quickly to issues such as:

  • Low star rating reviews
  • Reviews that include negative text
  • New questions on your product line

Do I have to be an IT expert to use it?

Continuing with the tradition of simple, low cost, self-service products, Revuze Alerts can be easily used by non-experts and can be set up easily without IT.

If you already have access to Revuze Explorer, it’s just 2 clicks away.

Endless Granularity

With Revuze Alerts you can select to receive alerts based on parameters such as:

  • Brand
  • Product
  • Date range
  • Star rating
  • Keywords

This level of control was purposely built to help with popular use cases such as:

  • New product launch tracking
  • Improving customer satisfaction for a product line
  • Increasing star rating for eCommerce

With distribution lists per alert you can make sure that just the right forums handle each issue.

Boaz Grinvald, CEO of Revuze

“Revuze empowers business decision-makers within brands (marketing, product, eCommerce…) to make autonomous, data-driven decisions quickly and without the need for experts, data scientists, and analysts. Our Revuze Explorer shows you an entire market catalog with all brands and SKUs, as well as discussion topics and their sentiment, for each item. ”

More Productivity – Just When You Need It

It’s either “get more done with fewer resources” or “moving to eCommerce ASAP” while still battling competitive markets.

Revuze Alerts is another productivity tool to help you find out about product issues, declining satisfaction, improving eCommerce ratings, etc. for products in your industry.

With Revuze Alerts you will be in-the-know at all times, not missing a single opportunity to learn about consumer needs and wants.

See Revuze In Action

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