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The technological breakthrough that empowers anyone in the organization to access valuable consumer data, right when they need it.

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Consumer Analytics Technology


On The Lookout for New Topic And Trends


With a Finger On The Pulse of Your Customers


Losing Sight of Your Competition

From Unstructured Consumer Feedback
To Actionable Insights

Leveraging our expertise in big data, machine learning, natural language processing and sentiment analysis – we’ve created technology that knows exactly what your customers mean when they’re talking about your products.

Big Data Collection

Whether it’s social media, your CRM, email correspondence, surveys, call center data or variety of other online and & offline sources, Revuze can easily access and scan billions of data points every month.

Machine Learning

Revuze’ machine learning algorithms discover new aspects/topics in each product category – automatically and independently build a unique taxonomy for each. This self-learning technology teaches itself about the world of your products and maximizes the value of the insights it provides.

Big Data Consumer Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

Human Like Understanding

Our meaning-sensitive technology masters contextual understanding and cracks even the most misleading ambiguities. Featuring outstanding accuracy and performance even in the face of extensive data. Revuze recognizes multiple ways of referring to the same idea and identifies the right sentiment even in seemingly non-sentiment sentences.

Getting The Context

Revuze automatically categorizes, identifies, and extracts trends and topics from unstructured data – understanding context with exceptionally high precision and delivering truly actionable business insights. Revuze contextual intelligence understands topics and sentiment, regardless of the actual words customers use. With no manual keyword definition.

Consumer Opinion Discovery

Identifying The Sentiment

Revuze sentiment analysis combines the power of computational linguistics, text analysis, and natural language processing to clarify subjectivity in customer perceptions. We filter customer attitude, recognizing contextual polarity and interpolating judgement, affective state, and intended emotional communication to create easy-to-understand and usable analysis.

Consumer Sentiment Analysis

See what big data consumer analytics looks like
when powered by Revuze:

From innovators to fortune 500 companies – Revuze Big Data Consumer Analytics Platform helps organizations to dominate their markets.