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Usability Usability

Revuze’s generative AI engine automatically extracts and analyzes relevant topics from consumer reviews. So if you’re looking to understand more about usability, simply click on the topic and generate a quick Topic Summary and see the word cloud for your product launch.

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Competitive Analysis Competitive Benchmark

Full category-level data enables you, with just a few clicks, to benchmark your product against similar competitors’ products. You’ll quickly learn what the benchmark is for the category and product and will learn if your product launch measures up.

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Product Launch optimization Product Relaunch Optimization

Use the generative AI-powered SWOT analysis to quickly identify threats to your new product. Optimize your product and relaunch it. Monitor the consumer feedback following the relaunch to ensure it meets your business goals.

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Full category analysis down to the SKU level Identify Feature Changes
and a Fast Product Relaunch

Delve into the Wishlist topic for detailed granular data about what consumers want. This can quickly be integrated into your product roadmap.

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The world’s most influential brands research and grow with us

Revuze Value

  • Adjust Manufacturing methods
  • Apply quick updates to the product roadmap
  • Fast churn for losing products
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Revuze’s Solution

  • Compare your new product launch to the full category and best-sellers
  • Get immediate feedback on how users use the product, including unforeseen product issues
  • Gain fast user insights with Generative AI features
  • Correlate sentiment with sales data to understand cause and effect
“The usage is for post-launch ratings and review to see how a product is doing once launched. This allows them to understand defects, especially electronics components.”
Senior Product Manager
Personal Care
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“Goes after negative sentiment reviews on already existing product, then works on to-be-launched with a focus on the negative sentiments ensuring they become positive for the new launch – for example the ‘switch’ on a port.”

Product Launch: Let's Build Something Great

Everything you need to know to build modern UI and launch new products optimally.
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