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In this report, you will find the top-listed trends in consumer opinions and wishlists for H1. Based on this information, Revuze’s AI made projections for H2, and also discovered which trends are on the rise.

We pulled data from the last 3 years and got our AI to analyze it. The total number of reviews that were collected and analyzed are over 244,680 reviews out of which our AI extracted 531,600 valuable quotes.

A few notifiable from our report:

  • In H1 2020 the category’s average star rating is 4.31 and the average sentiment is 78% which means that generally speaking, brands are doing a pretty good job in listening to their customer’s needs.
  • Looking over the entire sample period (last 3 years) :
    • PNY is the leading brand with a sentiment score of 89.90%!
    • Sandisk is the second most loved brand with a sentiment score of 89.12%
  • Wireless chargers are growing fast!
    • In 2019 there were 81K eCommerce reviews for the category of wireless chargers where in H1 2020 alone there were 91K reviews!
  • Trending topics with positive sentiment
    • Size, capacity, and charging are all positive trending topics.
    • The most discussed comments were on the ability to charge multiple products at the same time (earphones, phone, watch).
  • Trending topics with Negative sentiment
    • Cords and Cables, Lifespan, and Lights are all topics trending with a lower than average sentiment.

Revuze’s analysts came to the conclusion that due to the influx of wireless chargers to the market more recently, and more people are at home using their technology, sales, and consumer discussion are on the rise, and this is the best time to read through feedback for product improvements as the category continues to grow

Top 10 Wireless Chargers by Consumer Sentiment (Review count > 100)

When it comes to the top 10 handheld wireless charges, we can see that most of them share an equal voice in the volume of reviews and there is a good distribution of brands.

5 Most Discussed Brands for Wireless Chargers by SOV

Top 5 Brands by Sentiment for Wireless Chargers (SOV > 3%)

Number Of Reviews For Wireless Chargers from 2018 to June 2020

As mentioned at the beginning of our research, the Wireless Chargers category is on the rise and we see more and more consumers buying these products & reviewing them online.

Without a doubt, we can say that Wireless Chargers are trending, and due to the fact that more and more consumers are reviewing these newly released products, there seems to be a lot of room for innovation and improvement from big brands and smaller brands based on consumer feedback.

A YOY growth in the Discussion Volume From 2018 to 2020.

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