The research sheds light on the differences in online consumer behaviors as consumers leverage anonymity to express their real views of products and services

Revuze, the maker of the only all-automated consumer insights solution released a new research report today, leveraging the automated data collection and analysis of its Revuze platform.

The research report compares incentivized consumer reviews to non-incentivized ones to highlight the differences in score and content that you get from each. With this it sheds light on the differences in online consumer behaviors as consumers leverage anonymity to express their real views of products and services.

“With such autonomous and deep data mining capabilities Revuze easily compared over 300,000 consumer reviews to deliver insights into the difference in sentiment, score and topics covered by incentivized and non-incentivized consumers when voicing their opinions of packaged goods” said Boaz Grinvald, CEO at Revuze. “We’re excited to share how without any setup the Revuze solution can produce such insights”.


The data analyzed was collected from the consumer Razors and Blades industry. While we recognize that results may vary per industry, per brand and per product we believe that the substantial sample of data (Over 300,000 reviews) makes it representative of other industries.

An incentivized review is a review written by a consumer who got the product for free or got a coupon for the review. This typically means that the consumers writing the reviews are pushed to write them close to the initial use of the product and you’d also expect these “biased” consumers to be more positive.

When incentivized reviews are included, these reviews are marked as incentivized either by the reviewers in the review body OR the eCommerce site may also mention it (e.g. “This review was taken as part of a promotion”).

Leveraging its deep consumer understanding Revuze technology detects all the possible variations of how consumers specify that this is an incentivized review (“got coupon”, “part of promotion” etc) and marks these reviews as incentivized reviews.

The research report highlights include the following:

  •     Incentivized reviewers are more positive towards the product by 8.33%
  •     Incentivized reviewers mention that they received this product as part of promotion
  •     Overall positive incentivized reviews do not tend to evaluate the price of the product. In the non-incentivized reviews this aspect is included in the top 10 most evaluated topic
  •     Incentivized reviews seem to focus on short term usage instead of long term usage and as such do not cover areas such as Quality or Product Design

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