Consumer Opinion Analyzer Tool

Tel Aviv, Israel, June 11, 2020 — Revuze, The Global leader in market research, launches an AI-driven consumer opinion analyzer tool to optimize web pages and digital ad campaigns by understanding consumer language and sentiment for better optimization of the product listing.

The AI will identify trending keywords and analyze consumer sentiment towards those keywords and decide which keywords are best used to describe products for maximum ROI.

Revuze’s software scans millions of consumer opinions daily from a range of public and internal information sources.

Revuze then utilizes its proprietary machine learning, AI semantic analysis engine, to organize the information by relevance. With that, Revuze allows its consumers to receive immediate feedback about their products and their brands, as well as on their competitors’ products.


“Using our AI, we help turn this huge, unstructured mountain of data into quantitative insights on discussions and keywords that consumers use to describe products in their own words,” said Alon Ghelber, CMO of Revuze. “These insights help our consumers drive their products to the top of the search results.”

Previously, keyword research tools were based on guessing relevant keywords and using those to create a list of similar terms and phrases. Revuze’s AI-driven tool can harness consumer insight analysis to take the guesswork out of which words consumers are using as well as the sentiment towards each term.

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