Hot Sauce Report

Hot Sauce H1 Trends and H2 projections (2020)

Hot Sauce Report 2020 This report examines the trends from H1 in the hot sauce industry and makes projections for how these trends will extend to H2.  A few notable trends from our report: The overall hot sauce star rating is 4.32 and the sentiment is 77%, meaning that brands are doing well at fulfilling customer expectations, but there is still room for improvement.  The total number of hot sauce…

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Revuze Releases H1 2020 Fragrance Trends and H2 Projections

Perfume consumers are talking a lot about fruity notes, less about herbal and citrus scents and more about sustainable ingredients in online reviews and social media engagements – conversations AI data specialist Revuze says will soon convert to purchase trends. Read More here –>

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Fragrances Trends in H1 2020 & Projections for H2 Revuze

Fragrance Trends in H1 & Projections for H2 (2020) By Revuze

The American Fragrance industry is one of the largest retail markets, with over 3.6 Billion dollars in revenue as of early 2020. This booming industry is providing consumers all over the United States (and the entire world) with daily use products such as perfumes and aftershaves, ranging in price and quality from department store fragrances to high-end couture brands. Heading into the second half of 2020, it is time to…

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