Customers Insights Delivered To You By AI

No More Blind Spots!

Uncover consumers views and expectations as they develop. Automatically generate a multi-dimensional snapshot of products, brands and their competitive landscape. All Without Human Intervention!

Gain unparalleled in-depth visibility into consumers’ attitude towards your products, brand and competition.

Listens everywhere, anytime

Our autonomous AI powered text interpretation NLP engine continuously scans multiple online & offline data sources.

Artificial intelligence fueled insights

Our system automatically detects and analyzes all relevant references to your market, brand, products and competition.

Cutting edge reports

Highly granular reports that allow you to drill down and inspect any product detail within the context of the entire market

Know your (and your competitors) customers

Address the needs of your customers with actionable data. Automatically surface key topics, track trends, and identify conversations that matters.

Contextual Intelligence for CX

By automatically classifying and routing customer feedback and sentiment in real-time, your product team can develop the best product.


Other solutions require massive amounts of data to work. Whether you have 1k or 1M support tickets, Revuze AI process the results without any human intervention


Trusted By

From innovators to fortune 500 companies – Revuzea Big Data Consumer Analytics Platform helps organizations to dominate their markets. Here are some of them:

Revuze Analytics Engine

The technological breakthrough that empowers everyone in the organization to access valuable consumer data, right when they need it. Leveraging our expertise in big data, machine learning, natural language processing and sentiment analysis. We’ve created technology that knows exactly what your customers mean when and where they’re talking about your products.

Big Data Collection

Whether it’s social media, your CRM, email correspondence, customer surveys, call center data, your online marketplace, or a variety of other online and & offline sources, Revuze can easily access and scan billions of data points every month.

Machine Learning

Our machine learning algorithms discover new aspects/topics in each product category and automatically & independently build a unique taxonomy for each. This self-learning technology teaches itself about the world of your products and maximizes the value of the insights it provides.

Get The Context

Revuze automatically categorizes, identifies, and extracts trends and topics from unstructured data – understanding the context with exceptionally high precision and delivering truly actionable business insights. Our contextual intelligence understands topics and sentiment, regardless of the actual words customers use, making the manual keywords definition a thing of the past!

Identify The Sentiment

Revuze sentiment analysis combines the power of computational linguistics, text analysis, and natural language processing to clarify subjectivity in customer perceptions. We filter customer attitude, recognizing contextual polarity and interpolating judgement, affective state, and intended emotional communication to create easy-to understand and usable analysis..


Consumer Insights Delivered By AI

The Latest Insights Always At Your Fingertips

Revuze simplifies market research so that any Product, Marketing, QA and Consumer Insights Expert can make better, well educated, business decisions, faster. The Revuze autonomous AI solution turns any type of data (eCommerce, call center, emails, Social, etcץ) into market insights about your brand, competitors, products and features.

Brand Dashboard

Full presentation of complete brand inventory of key performance indicators and sentiment analysis with respect to your brand, products and their features.

  •  See 40-80 topics that your consumers care about
  • Drill down to the most specific traits of your product
  • Monitor Competitors to the product level

Emerging Trends

Take advantage of knowing what your customers care about the most as they form their views. A unique view that considers sentiment, volume and intensity.

  • Get a head start on new topics
  • Catch negative trends for your products early
  • Make early adjustments to perfectly fit customer needs

Know Your Competition

Know your competition and how you are benchmarking against them in all aspects that matter to you and your customers. Spot new opportunities and tackle weaknesses.

  • Know the strengths & the weaknesses of your competition
  • Examine each competitor in detail across 40-80 topics
  • Get granular comparisons and trends across time


See how your brand is performing over time. Explore fluctuations in sentiment and overall satisfaction to understand cause & effect.

  • Monitor your brand health performance over time
  • Examine fluctuations in sentiment for every product
  • Measure your ability to create affinity within the minds of your consumers


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