Understand your customers, improve your marketing, products and your customer’s experience!

You work with hundreds of ingredients, fine tune how every product’s taste and smell. But do know what your customers think on every product aspect? All users, even non-technical ones can gain unparalleled, in-depth CX analytics and answer game-changing questions like:

Can you tell what dishes are customers talking about?

Yes, when Revuze’s AI aggregates online reviews it automatically detects the sentiment behind them and extracts the relevant topics people talk about.
You can then filter out not only the dishes the customer talk about but what they think about them and how it compared with similar dishes.

What dishes customer are talking about

Can I know dines experience their service at each location?

Yes, If a customer at your restaurant has a bad experience or a good one you can count that they will post a review about it. Revuze constantly analyzes consumer data and extracts the customer sentiment automatically and divides it into topics per restaurant location. By filtering the topics related to service you can easily understand how your diners experience their service.

Dining customer experience

Can I know which menu items are liked or disliked?

Yes,Everyone is taking photos of their dish and writing reviews on their experience,Revuze aggregates these reviews and mentions and understand the sentiment behind them. Then we apply machine learning and extract 40-60 topics about your diners are talking about. You can apply this information to know how your menu compares with your competitors.

Can I know which menu items are liked or disliked

Boaz Grinvald, CEO of Revuze

“Regardless of the industry you’re operating in, Revuze can help you disrupt your market by giving you valuable insights into your customers’ experience and your competitors’ performance. Our AI solution is self-learning, which means you won’t have to spend a single minute teaching it the jargon of your industry.”

Fortune 500 retailers rely on Revuze to know what their customers think

Brands gain unparalleled, in-depth cx analytics into customers and competitors without IT, experts or lengthy projects. They’re understand how their customer experiences their brand and drive that into actionable decision, better products and increased revenue.

Join them on the world’s first Self Learning Customer analytics Platform and start optimising the core experiences of your products with real-time data, insights and AI-powered analytics.

Make data driven decisions with confidence

  • Revuze’s solution analyzes hundreds of thousands of opinions in any food category and location. It takes all of them into consideration to provide you with an accurate measurement of the customer sentiment in your space. Revuze’s solution is based on big data and therefore its not biased or limited to a small sample size.
  • Revuze is powered by AI and raises the bar on accuracy as even the best experts manually reading and analyzing reviews will not agree no more than 80% of opinions context.
  • Easily generate presentations and graphs to share with your peers or managers to drive decision making faster.
Make data driven decisions with confidence

Address Customers Service Related Issues

  • Find out how your service is perceived.
  • Find out which key points where your customers are most satisfied / dissatisfied.
  • Identify issues on different locations before they go viral.
Address Customers Service Related Issues

No experts or technical knowledge are needed

  • No need for experts or integrators, all the classification and topic creation is done automatically by a self learning artificial intelligence.
  • Revuze is designed for the business user in mind, our new UI is easy to navigate and allows you to easily extract game changing insights.
  • Creation of custom filters or views is simply available from our dashboard.
No Experts Needed For CX Analytics