Case Study

Hoover (TTI Industries) Leverages Revuze To Identify Customer Wish lists, Pain Points & Drive Innovation With New Products and Existing Product Improvements.


TTI is a fast-growing world leader in Power & hand Tools, Outdoor Power Equipment, and Floor Care for Do-It-Yourself (DIY), professional and industrial users in the home improvement, repair, maintenance, construction, and infrastructure industries.

TTI’s world-famous brands like Milwaukee Tools, Hoover, and Ryobi are recognized for their superior quality, outstanding performance, safety, productivity, and innovation in the market with cordless products.


In this case study, we will uncover how the Consumer Insights and Product Development Teams at TTI leveraged insights gathered by Revuze’s AI to identify customer pain points for mid-range household carpet washers.


Using these insights, the product development team designed, developed, and released a special add-on to one of their best selling products in this category. They modified the design of the next product release to include this feature. TTI’s Marketing team modified its product description page (PDP) to highlight this unique value proposition.


It resulted in the improvement of customer satisfaction and the average star rating of a product that sells more than 300,000 units per year in the North American market alone.


As a result of this success, TTI consumer insights and product development teams introduced Revuze Explorer as an integral part of their research and development strategy for new releases, features, and improvements for existing products.

“Revuze Explorer allows us to make decisions based on consumer analytics insights data and understand what customers want, how to improve existing products, and gain a competitive edge by creating better products with added value to consumers”
Ryan Caycoya, Senior Product Manager @ TTI.

The Challenge

TTI’s Product Management team noticed that their biggest competitor in the mid-range carpet washers gained popularity and looked for ways to improve their best selling product in this category, adding more value to their users and improving customer experience.

TTI’s Consumer Insights team turned to Revuze Explorer, to analyze why consumers buy their products v.s their competitors’ and look for the pain points raised by consumers across multiple eCommerce platforms.

The Solution

With time to market and ease of use in mind, the Consumer Insights team decided to use Revuze’s eCommerce Listening platform, mainly due to the following key advantages:

  1. Immediate time to insights
  2. Granular product and feature level insights
  3. The ability to benchmark a single product to its direct competitors and the entire category

Revuze Explorer extracted a topic analysis chart with the 50 most discussed topics for TTI’s product and compared it with the category benchmark. The chart highlighted that the “cleaning of the unit” was a widely considered topic with lower than average sentiment.

TTI’s CI team then looked at the highlighted pain point and drilled down to the subtopic feature analytics, and noticed that “Hair getting stuck” was the most used quote for this subtopic for TTI’s product but also for their top competitor’s products across the category.

While some top tier carpet washers have removable brushes, mid-range carpet cleaners usually don’t have such accessories, and that’s why hair kept getting stuck in the brushes casing.
As an innovative, consumer-centric company, TTI didn’t let this one go by, and they still wanted to provide customers with the most superior product in the category.
So with some out of the box thinking TTI’s products team lead by Ryan Caycoya, initiated a 2 phase approach:

  1. Create an immediate fix – They designed, tested, and released a cleaning add on which gets into the brush’s casing and clears out the hair.
  2. Prevent the issue from recurring – The new line of carpet washers will include removable brushes.

Our Consumer Insights team helped the product and marketing teams by showing immediate value to their customers, improving their positioning against the entire category, and driving innovative ideas with a direct impact on eCommerce ratings & reviews.

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Backed by and Nielsen, Revuze uses artificial intelligence scans and analyzes millions of eCommerce reviews helping brands understand the “Why” behind the “What” and turn granular insights derived from eCommerce reviews into five stars product experience.

Revuze Explorer, our flagship product, allows product managers and brand managers to finally gain actionable insights generated by our industry-leading AI, without the involvement of IT, market experts, or lengthy projects.
Our product is built around a self-learning artificial intelligence and therefore unconstrained by human imagination. It dives deeper than any existing product and provides data-driven insights never seen before.

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