Digital Customer Experience

Digital customer experience refers to the total interactions your customers have with your business online, whether that is through apps, websites, emails or similar. Any channel where the touchpoint is virtual counts. The more traditional means like websites are key, but social media content is seeing an increasing importance.

Digital CX is about providing a connection and showing trust and empathy to your customer by way of virtual means, making their online experience as pleasant as possible. Digital CX is entangled with regular, face-to-face CX, as customers expect a consistent experience across all channels. Digital is synonymous in the current market with a multi-channel approach which is where omni-channel customer experience comes in – the art of making the experience seamless across different platforms.

Overall, the emotions of the customer are the most important factor when considering your digital CX, as they account for the willingness of your customer to return and to recommend your product or services to others. To this end the digital customer experience should be as pleasant as possible, personalized where it can be to the users’ demographics.

Digital connection between business & customer

In the post-COVID market, it’s especially important to connect with your customers digitally, not just as a means of notifying customers but as a method by which you can reach new consumers and expand your customer base. Any touchpoint where you meet with a customer digitally is considered a digital connection, and these can be anything from email to social media. 

Something important to keep in mind is that a single customer is unlikely to have access to all platforms, so having multiple channels can be a great way to widen your scope and attract new business. You do need to keep in mind your intended customer base, as their demographics will indicate what platforms they are more likely to use and how they might use said resources. A service aimed at tech-savvy younger generations makes more sense to be provided via an app or an interactive website, as opposed to one aimed at older audiences that are less likely to use such an approach.

Overall, the greater your number of digital assets the better, but don’t be fooled into thinking that quantity will make up for a lack of quality. It’s best to find a balance, using the most utilized digital connections in order to build a strong relationship with your customers. 

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