Customer Journey Flow

The customer journey flow is similar in concept to the customer journey map, but rather than having multiple starting points the customer journey flow is a linear step-by-step process that usually starts at one point before branching off into multiple pathways. The customer journey flow is best visualized through a physical chart or map, which enables you to analyze the journey more easily.

The aim of the flow is to separate your customers’ experiences into sections that define different aspects and experiences that the customer might go through on their journey. It’s heavily utilized in website design and the construction of other interactive, online media such as apps as the real-time tracking and feedback allows for greater insight when it comes to improving the customer experience.

Visualize the journey with a flow chart

One of the best ways to lay out your customer journey flow is with a flow chart which lays out step by step the potential journeys that your customers might undergo. By placing the information in this form it becomes easier to see touchpoints, crossroads and where the different sections of your business might overlap. There are a few questions that you need to ask yourself when building a flow-chart, in order to get the most out of your data:

  • What are you trying to accomplish? You need to keep in mind what data you’re planning on analyzing, what metrics you’re using to measure success and what you’re trying to improve.
  • What barriers are there? Sometimes the way in which a customer might get from A to B isn’t exactly clear and you need to think outside the box. Using customer profiles, making use of different age groups and demographics might come in handy here.
  • How much do your user pathways overlap? Some things which may seem un-connected might actually prove to have valuable insight if you take the information together rather than apart. Be sure to include any potential connections in your map, you can always remove them later for simplification if necessary.
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