Customer Experience Transformation

Customer experience transformation is the process of altering an organization’s values, structure, and operations in order to deliver a high-quality customer experience. It’s a process which focuses on many areas that need to be coordinated:

  • The vision and strategy are created at the highest levels, with the leadership choosing a path and laying out a means by which to achieve the end goals. Remember though, while the aims of the business might be uniform, the strategy might have to be altered in different areas/locations in order to account for unique circumstances. 
  • The employees, managers, and teams need to be aware of the aims and have a network by which to report successes, necessary alterations and other factors which may impact the longer-term plan. While it’s okay to allow for necessary deviations, it shouldn’t be up to the individual employees to decide how to implement things. 
  • Technology and internal operations are very important, facilitating fast responses and quick transfers of information that allow for collaboration and shared work across teams. It’s much more efficient than simply waiting for weekly reports and feedback to have an instance communication feature, but be aware that it needs to be structured or you’ll be lost in a deluge of information.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the process of rethinking a company or organization’s technological assets and thought processes in order to create new forms of communication and new streams of revenue. It’s driven by customer expectations. It’s had a huge shift in importance since the COVID-19 pandemic, during which processes which would be implemented over years have had to be put in place within a matter of weeks or months in order for businesses to survive. The combination of technology and business is about making consumers’ lives easier, offering them more options and different ways of approaching your business. After seeing the necessary changes implemented during the widespread lockdowns, customers are expecting more and more for merchants to keep up with the latest trends.

Application in CX

Digitizing a company is about helping the customers, providing them with different ways of doing things that might be more convenient for them and/or easier to do. A good example of this that predates 2020 is the introduction of home delivery by supermarkets, a feature that saves time and energy by negating the need to travel to the shop in person. Digital transformation in CX is all about the customer, their wants and desires. It’s important to listen to customer feedback and examine the company’s current place in the market to decide how to best implement the digitization.

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