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Coffee Talk with Raz Michaeli, Senior Product Manager & Omer Kehat, VP of Product

Raz: Well Omer, you’ve been in the industry for quite a long time. For me, coming in, just the sheer amount of data is overwhelming. How do we solve for that?

Omer: Yeah, so I think this is a challenge that all brands are trying to really solve for and understand. There’s so much data, whether it’s their internal data, external data, or data they’re buying from various providers. I think first, it’s about really understanding what each data set is solving for. This is where reviews data is very, very unique because it’s post-purchase data, which is really different from social listening or even actual sales figures. It’s not only about the indication of someone who has made a purchase but also what they think about that purchase and what he thinks about that product. So, I think it’s about understanding how each data set solves for a unique use case and then how to utilize our unique data set in really understanding the post-purchase behavior of consumers and what they think about the product.

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