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Coffee Talk with Noa Shachaff, Head of Consumer Insights & Analytics

Noa: So, prior to working in reviews, I worked in consumer insights for more than 20 years. I’ve been exposed to almost every market research and consumer insights tool out there, from traditional tools like focus groups and surveys to social listening and even neurological studies, diaries, and in-depth interviews. Anything that’s out there. So, I have a very unique perspective on the pluses and minuses of every tool. When I found reviews, I discovered a tool that gave you very real-time insights for almost every product out there, I knew I had found something revolutionary.

I strongly believe that reviews is the best tool available today if you want to get SKU-level analysis and understanding. There really isn’t any other tool today that scopes the entire market in real-time and can give you a really accurate read, in a timely manner, on what position your product has over time, versus the competition, and versus the category, your brand, other brands, like Revuze does. This is something very difficult to get today using any other tool but consumer reviews.

It’s like having a time machine. I remember when I used to send out surveys; if I hadn’t sent one out the prior year, I had nothing to benchmark it against. Here, we have reviews from years back, so we can track a product through its lifecycle—from launch to decline—and see the sentiment over time. We can see how people feel about it over time, something you can’t get anywhere else. We can do it at the brand level, compare it to the category level, and track how it’s doing versus the category over time. That is groundbreaking.

The nice thing about it is that it allows us to identify trends. If you have data over time, you can see trends in benefits, ingredients, and product features. Contrary to social listening, where a trend can sometimes be spurred by the influencer of the day, all our trends are backed by consumer spending. They’re backed by purchased products, so they are real trends. People are putting their money on these trends, which makes us very unique compared to regular tools and social listening tools. It’s all in the same system, seamless, and that is something groundbreaking in the consumer insights industry.

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