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Brand Management


Consumer Trends Authentic Brand Management & Positioning in the Category

With just a few clicks you can view your brand’s overall position in the category. See just how your brand's products measure up against competitors. Evaluate in real-time whether your brand is surpassing the benchmark for consumer sentiment across your entire category.

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Competitive Analysis Understand the WHY Behind Market Trends and Sentiment

When consumer sentiment plunges, use online review analytics to quickly understand the cause. Is the plunge connected to a specific retail channel or optimized marketing campaign? Use the data to pinpoint the exact causes and act.

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Full category analysis down to the SKU level Get Marketing Trends by Brand & SKU-level in Real Time

Revuze provides full category-level data enabling you unparalleled access to granular data on the brand, category and SKU levels. Quickly identify emerging market trends and topics across hundreds of sources.

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Voice of Verified Buyers Base Decisions on the Voice of Your True Consumers

All of Revuze’s online review analytics is post-purchase data from your verified buyers. Although some reviews are incentivized, our platform makes a clear distinction between organic and incentivized reviews to ensure the highest accuracy and integrity of data. Verified consumers equals validated insights.

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The world’s most influential brands research and grow with us

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Stand Out From the Pack

  • Shine above your competitors by profoundly understanding the category
  • Enhance messaging on consumer preferences and insights
  • Improve content strategies based on what consumers want and what they say
  • Leverage unique brand attributes for upcoming campaigns
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Stay Ahead of the Curve

  • Generated AI SWOT Analysis by brand/SKU level
  • Star drivers can help you define what is most important
  • Use consumer’s lingo for better engagement and improved conversion rates – topics, phrases, and copy
“Helps to prove how their brand stands out against the industry using SWOT.”
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Let's Build Something Great

Everything you need to build modern UI and competitive products.
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Cleansed & Organized Insights
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Product SKUs Catalog by Category & Hierarchy
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Revuze is fundamentally changing the way companies measure user perception of products, services, and the shopping experience.
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