Who Knew? Poop Makes for a Great Gift

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This holiday season, if you are looking for funny gift ideas, look no further. Revuze data shows that food products with toilet-related marketing are popular gift choices.

Children love toilet humor: it’s relatable, it’s provocative, and it easily upsets adults. But are we so sure adults don’t find poop jokes hilarious, too? Maybe they wouldn’t laugh out loud, especially when in company; but one should not underestimate the power of a poop joke, as it can take us back to the innocent fun of childhood.

Some branding and marketing experts in the food industry seem to have thought exactly of that, when they decided to shape their products’ branding strategy around… poop. Products that feature toilet-related branding and packaging are certainly succeeding at gaining the attention of online consumers.

At Revuze, we use AI to index and analyze millions of online consumer product opinions; our clients use the results for market research purposes, such as product analysis, brand comparisons, and more. In our recent research, we’ve noticed a spike in discussions about food products with poop-related branding.

These are our main findings:

  • Food products with the words “poop” or “sh**” in their name tend to get positive reviews, with gifting being a highly-discussed topic.
  • Gifting makes up to 18% of the online discussions about these products, a significantly higher percentage than for the general category of products they belong to.

In our research, we identified three poop-themed food products leading the online discussions on gifting: Big Cock Ranch’s ‘Sh**’ Series, Poop Like A Champion Cereal, and Bunsters Sh** The Bed 12/10 Heat Hot Sauce.

What Consumers Are Saying:

“My other half is a hot sauce snob lol. He got this as a gag gift for Christmas and we have had to get another bottle. He said the flavor is great and the heat is good too,” wrote one reviewer.

Another reviewer wrote: “Full disclosure: I never actually tried this product. I bought it as a gift and it was very well received with lots of laughs. That alone was worth it!”

From a marketing perspective, it’s clear that these provocative product names and packaging ideas ensure that consumers notice and try the products; of course, it’s important that the product itself is good, too, to ensure customer retention.

To read Revuze’s complete report “Poop Sells: Food Products With Awesome Poop-Related Branding” click here.

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