how covid-19 affects the voice of customer for paper care industry

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread around the globe, more people are beginning to go into retail panic and toilet paper is just the tip of the iceberg. CNN reported that retailers in the US and Canada have started limiting the amount of toilet paper customers can buy in one trip.

When it comes to paper care, Revuze AI analyzed 15,000 online reviews and found that the sentiment over time for the topic “Item Availability”  dropped from 47% in January to 14% in the first week of March.

Generally, we found that in this time of chaos, most topics in the category have to do with a downwards trend. How “economical” paper care is, has also recently come into question dropping from a positive 91% sentiment to 79% in the first week of March.

Customer sentiment is different between different online retailers

As far as online retailers, Target has the highest sentiment whereas Walmart has a higher star rating. Amazon has the lowest sentiment and this could be related to price gougers of coronavirus-related products according to a new report released by CNN.

Are consumers still loyal to their preferred brand?

Regardless of how you are preparing for COVID-19, we see that most customers have their preferred brand of paper care products. However, due to human psychology, we are more likely to buy in panic when we see others buy in panic. So it seems like, item availability will always be a topic affected in the state of emergency.

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