Top Personalization Articles For 2021

Top Personalization Articles For 2021

The rise of eCommerce sales resulting from the COVID-19 crisis has ushered in an intensely competitive environment. The way to stand out from rivals is to create a personalized and engaging customer experience. 

We have handpicked these articles that demonstrate the importance of personalization and provide effective tips on refining strategies.

Top 11 Personalization Articles For 2021

The Future of Personalization–and How to Get Ready for It

Companies know personalization is important, but only 15% of CMOs feel they are on the right track regarding personalization. However, these numbers can increase with more product recommendations and triggered communications with customers. 

eCommerce Personalization–2021 A Complete Guide

Personalization strategies begin with three questions: Where should personalization begin in the experience, what information will be used to create a personal experience and how can you use technology and consumer insights to craft this experience? 

15 Smart Personalization Examples That Boost Sales 

Details can drive personalization strategies in ways that can surprise the customer and attract their attention. Weather-sensitive personalization, navigation adjusted to consumer interests, and targeted recommendations are effective ways to reach customers. 

The Complete Guide to eCommerce Personalization at Scale

The keys to optimizing personalization are to refine product offerings and customer experience. Data collection at every step of the customer journey is essential for personalized strategies. Deciding which types of traffic are the most valuable is essential. 

Personalized Customer Experience–Complete How-to Guide

Every personalization strategy can use some tweaking. In a survey, 80% of companies reported they deliver super customer experiences, but only 8% of customers agree. A personalization strategy starts with an identification of customer segments and appealing directly to them. 

The Psychology of a Personalized Customer Experience

It isn’t just marketing that can help companies revamp their strategies, but behavioral psychology can also provide valuable clues about how customers experience brands and how best to reach them. Addressing segments of customers specifically is likely to win them over. 

Transforming the Customer Experience: Personalization

Customers in the digital era are in control of their interaction with a brand or a company. It isn’t enough to provide great products but to create an optimal customer experience. Companies need to understand their customers, their preferences, and how to engage with them. 

Personalization: The Cure for Reduced Media Budget’s in Today’s Environment

The COVID-19 crisis restricted marketing budgets at a time when more consumers were shopping online. Data-driven and personalization strategies can compensate for limited resources and reach eCommerce customers. 

Personalization in Retail: How to Make the In-Store Experience Unique

Personalization is not just a strategy for eCommerce but can be used throughout the omnichannel, including physical stores. In-person customer experience has a particular power that can be enhanced by data gathering and providing custom promotions. 

Personalizing CX: From Initial Lead to Customer Success

Personalization begins with creating an attractive lead magnet and segmenting customers based on their reactions to the lead magnet. Interactions with customers yield more data that can be used to personalize your strategy. 

How to Gain Repeat Customers with First-Party Data and Personalization

Customers have many options and it can be hard for companies to make a lasting impression. Data is the key to gaining a competitive advantage and crafting an engaging customer experience that can attract customers and encourage repeat sales. 

These tips will help you create an optimal customer experience and get ahead of the game with a personalized strategy. 

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