Top 10 Consumer Insight Articles In 2021

Meet The Expectations of Customers

The year 2020 represented a sea change in the ways many people worldwide work, learn and shop. One silver lining was the robust growth in eCommerce, which saw online sales in North America increase by 129% year over year in April 2020.  

This marks a significant change in consumer habits which are likely to be permanent. As a result, eCommerce has become more competitive. One way to stay ahead of rivals and encourage brand awareness is to use alternative data to create consumer insights. Automated tools transform user-generated texts into actionable data that can transform business strategy. 

Consumer insights are the closest thing to direct and individualized communication with customers. These insights provide a clear view of what customers like, their preferences, pain points, and problems they want to solve. They are derived from user-generated content and give cues on how to interact with customers, improve products and provide stellar customer service. 

The following are 10 valuable articles handpicked by our experts outlining how best to leverage consumer insights to remain competitive in the eCommerce marketplace.


These articles are useful tools for listening to customers, building a community, and using technology to dramatically grow brand awareness. Acting on this expert advice will help you grow your business for the short and long-term. 

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