Top 10 Brand Marketing Articles 2021

Top 10 Brand Marketing Articles 2021

Brands have faced challenges in 2020, as supply issues led many consumers to look for alternatives. However, brand loyalty is still a key factor in purchasing decisions. Once consumers find a brand that consistently offers terrific products and customer service, they will often use that brand as a default option for similar items. 

The preference for brands is a part of consumer DNA. However, it may take a few interactions with consumers to win them over to a brand. The essence of brand marketing is creating a simple and clear vision, targeting the right audience, providing a consistent message, and appealing to emotion. To achieve these goals, marketing research is essential. 

Getting to know customers is the first step to building a brand, which solves their problems and suits their shopping preferences. Generating product ideas can be inspiring, and the addition of consumer insights and data will bring these ideas into focus. 

The following articles are selected by our experts and provides the best tips for effective brand marketing. 

These articles address how branding has changed due to COVID-19, the role of customer experience, and creating an authentic, resonant branding that meets customers’ needs. Updating a branding strategy is an important task to stay competitive in a busy eCommerce market.  

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