The 4 things brands can learn by mining internal data

In their efforts to understand their customers and consumers in general brands often focus on mining hot sources such as social media but often neglect mining internal data piling up on their servers.

Typically, brands collect customer/consumer opinions from various sources:

  • Call center
  • Website forms (and sometime reviews)
  • Open ended survey questions
  • Chat
  • Emails
  • Stores (For retailers)

These sources can pile up to a good amount of data, and it’s a shame not to leverage it as its likely much larger opinions amount then a typical survey or focus group, not to mention much more diversified and detailed.

In addition, these sources mostly represent the brand existing customers and not just the general population, which means that the insights this data contains can really give us clarity on what is important to customers, not just potential customers.


  1. Brand feedback

First and foremost, this data helps us better understand the brand perception. If possible, you can even split the data to existing and potential customers to understand the brand perception by these different populations. In this category brands will learn generic aspects about how they are perceived, for example:

  • Overall satisfaction
  • Price/value for money
  • Loyalty


  1. Customer service/satisfaction

Since a lot of these sources (stores, call center, emails, surveys…) are targeted at your existing customers, this is exactly where they are sharing their thoughts about you and your offerings.

Specifically, for customer service you can learn about the main likes and disliked of your customers. What areas of the service they are happy/unhappy about as well as what they like and don’t like about your offerings, where you can improve.

Example topics here include:

  • Post purchase service
  • Product returns/modifications
  • Repairs and maintenance
  1. Product/Service experience

Similar to customer service/satisfaction, here there’s an opportunity to learn directly from customers and customers to be about their likes and dislikes on the brand product and/or services. This is a great opportunity to evolve the offerings, innovate, learn how to better position them etc. Example topics here that are common to a wide range of consumer goods or services include:

  • Ease of use
  • Packaging
  • Quality
  1. Purchase experience

This is yet another great opportunity to learn directly from customers about their experience in purchasing your offerings, what they liked and disliked. With these insights your goal will be to improve the purchase experience and impact your supply chain decisions. Example topics here that are common to a wide range of consumer goods or services include:

  • Business hours
  • Item availability
  • Shipping



With internal data captured about your customers and potential customers there’s great opportunity to leverage a volume of opinions on a variety of topics to better understand your audience and the areas you can improve on. These areas can span marketing, product, customer service, innovation and competitive analysis. All you need to do is just mine this data and leverage the results.

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